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Difference between lace and silk closure

Last updated Oct.16,2020

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When it comes to wearing weaves and hair extensions, the goal should always be to obtain a natural-like appearance. No one deliberately wants their weave to be easily detected, which is why many installations require leaving hair out in the front to cover tracks.

Now we have so many more options to make our extensions and weaves look way more natural; and I for one, am in love. We all know about closures and frontals by now. But what many of us don’t really know is the difference between a human hair lace closure and a silk base closure. That’s what I’m here for! To drop some knowledge on ya.

What exactly is a closure?


If you do not know what closures hair is, it’s simply a hairpiece that is placed on your hair, which gives a natural look by imitating the scalp.

This is great because it allows you not to leave any of your natural hair out which in return protects your hair from damages. As for the differences between Lace and Silk Closure, the differences extend from appearances and materials.

What is lace closures?


The ear to ear lace closure meaning that the individual strands of hair are attached to a lace base. It does give a natural look. You can get a natural look with lace.Many customers prefer lace closures.

What is lace closures?

Now with lace closure, you're going to have to do some tweaking in order to get the most natural look. So you're either going to have to bleach the knots on the closure.

What is silk base closures?


A silk base closure is made with a silk base.With the silk closure it has a layer of silk which the individual strands of hair are embedded into the silk and then it also has a layer of lace.

What is silk base closures?

Now with silk closures, the knots are not visible because they are embedded in that layer if silk. So you can see this definitely gives more of a scalp like an appearance.

Difference between lace and silk closure


Difference between lace and silk closure


Lace closure vs silk base closure, how to chose?


Closures come in two different bases–lace and silk–and can be glued, taped, or sewn down. Although they are both applied the same and used to achieve the same overall result, they are quite different. Not sure which closure would work best for you? You can choose it just according to your own need.

So, how to choose?

What makes a person decide to choose one closure? The two main factors are Cost and longevity.  

UNice closures help make your hair weave looks natural and can help to not damage your natural hair.The lace closure sew in weave is the best protective hairstyle for women who are transitioning from relaxers to their natural hair, or simply for women who have kinky natural hair and want to protect it during the cold season, which can be sewn or glued.

If you want to do more with your hair a lace closure is a must have! It enables you to be more experimental with your hair, choosing the looks, fashion, and styles you require with no compromise.  

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