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What is The Difference Between Crochet And Weaves?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

When it comes to adding hair extensions to your hair, you can crochet or weave them. Your choice depends on your personal taste, style, and what you find more convenient. Over recent years, crochet braids have become increasingly popular. This has led to many women asking the difference between crochets and weaves.

Are crochets braids a variation of a sew-in? Is it more affordable? How long does the hair last? These are some of the questions that are probably running through your mind. To get answers to these questions and understand the differences between crochets and weaves, keep reading this article.

What are crochet braids?

Many people tend to think that crochet braids mean the hair itself. This isn't the case. Crochet braids are the method in which hair is added into the cornrow using a crochet needle and secured with a knot, thus the name crochet braids. The hair is in loose loops without a weft, unlike sew-in weaves.

A little background on crochet braids

Crochet braids were very popular in the 90s. That may be because of how quickly it could get done so it reduced frequent visits to the salon. There were far few options in the hair industry, only one variation of them- small braids that were wavy. It was not natural looking. Crochets seemed to diminish for almost a decade. The style could not stand a chance against weaves because of how unnatural the parts were.

Over the years, crochet braids have evolved. This style now comes in various brain patterns, colors, lengths, and textures. When installed properly, the crochet braids can be undetectable and look like just your natural hair. Similar to box braids, crochets also have a variation called the knotless part, or the invisible part, which provides a natural hairline while using the crochet braid method.

What are weaves?

Weaves are hair extensions added into someone's hair using various methods, including gluing, sewing, or clipping them into cornrows or a stocking cap. Weaves can be human hair or synthetic hair.

A little background of weaves

Weaves originated in Egypt around 3400 BC. Egyptians dyed sheep wool or human hair and added it to their heads using rein or beeswax. This means that weaves date way back in the day. Weaves are among the hair extensions that have taken the hair and beauty industry by storm. When installed correctly, sew-ins adds thickness, sheen, and length to the hair.

When it comes to talking about the difference between crochets and weaves, let's discuss the pros and cons of both.

Difference Between Crochet and Weaves

1. Texture. Weave hair offers a limitless amount of texture options. These range from bone straight to 4c curly and all the textures in between. Crochet braids are to look like natural kinky hair.

2. Longevity- Weaves last longer, especially if human hair is used for the install. When done properly, weaves tend to last 8 weeks or longer whereas crochet braids last about half the time due to the hair being synthetic.

3. Maintenance. Wearing a weave allows you to shake and go in those time-crunched mornings. Synthetic hair comes packaged pre-styled which is even easier!

4. Price: Crochet is cheaper than sew-ins. They can be purchased at any local beauty supply and range between $3-$10 a pack. The number of packs needed depends on the style you are creating and the fullness.

5. Blend with your own hair. Hair weaves offer the benefit of coloring and washing your hair like it was your own. Unlike weaves, crochet braids may be an amazing style to attempt on your own for the first style as a DIY’er.

If you want to know more difference between crochet braids and weaves, the video below maybe help you.

Benefits of crochet braids

1. Natural-looking textures

The crochet method is often done with loose synthetic hair, such as Kanekalon hair, which generally tends to resemble kinkier textures.

2. Affordability

Another incredible benefit of crochet braids is that they are pretty affordable. Since you are using synthetic hair, the price of hair is usually low. You can walk into any beauty shop or store and get yourself Kanekalon hair for as low as $2 per pack. That's pretty affordable.

3. They are DIY friendly

Another top advantage of crochet braids is that they are DIY friendly. If you know how to cornrow, you are done with the hardest part. Looping hair through those cornrows is easy to learn.

4. Less tension and scalp access

One thing you need to remember about crochet braids is that they generally put less tension on your natural hair since you don't have additional tension that comes from stitching in hair. In addition to that, you have more access to your scalp than you would with a weave.

5. Braided styles

Another benefit of crochets over weaves is that they are a perfect way to cut and tension from braided styles such as box braids. Now that most hair manufacturers are creating pre-braided or twisted styles, crocheting your box braids is a legit way to get them done.

Cons of crochet braids

  • Synthetic hair is well known for tangling more than a human hair. This can be so annoying.
  • Crochets can be so itchy depending on the hair chosen.
  • It can be very uncomfortable during windy parts since the wind can show parts, especially huge parts.

Pros of weaves

1. Long-lasting

Weaves are a bit more long-lasting, especially if you are using human hair. A high-quality weave can last up to eight or even more if taken good care of. On the other hand, crochet can only last for about four weeks.

2. Wide variety of textures

When it comes to weaves, you will be spoilt for choices in regards to the textures available. This makes it easier for you to find the right texture that suits your taste and preference. What's more, there are human and synthetic hair options.

3. Low maintenance

Maintaining weaves is also pretty easy, especially human hair weaves. You just shake them and pass your fingers through them and you are good to go.


  • They are very expensive, especially human hair weaves
  • If your natural hair is braided tightly, you may experience some damage that can lead to hair loss
  • You will not be able to wash and moisturize your hair as often.

Review of them

I love crochet braids, it's so easy to do and to take care of.

Never done crotchet braids, only done weaves 2 times ever in my life; I usually wear box braids or just my own natural hair; Been growing my own hair relaxer free for a year now; I have box braids in at the moment Can't wait to take them out and see how much more growth I have!!

Crochet braids!!!! Easy to put in, easy to take out.

Weaves all day. Such a great variety and inexpensive.

I just can't do either, I have tried!!! So next week I'm trying a wig. Yep, a wig. Just for a week at a time. I do love my wash and go.

I've actually never had a sew-in but I like crochet cause I can get to my scalp.

I've done both weaves and crochet braids. I'm a cheap person when it comes to weaves so I've never paid more than 50 for hair and 50 for someone to do it. And the only reason I paid that much was that it was my first prom.

How to choose? Crochets or Weaves?

If you want to use a long time and try different good looking hair to match your clothes to join a prom or party, we recommend you to choose a weave.

Because weave hair can be reused over and over again and can actually last up to a year from the date that you installed it. The only thing your need to watch about this is that this only works if you take care of your install and have great quality hair as well.

If your budget is limited, you can use crochet. Because the cool thing about crochet braids is that the cost of hair is very low. Besides, it's so easy to do and to take care of, it is a great variety and inexpensive.

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