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The Most Trending Dark Roots Blonde Hair Review

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Dark roots blonde hair is the coolest hair color right now, and there is no limit to the definition of beauty, as dark roots are becoming more and more popular. Not only because of its unique look, but also because it solves the problem of dark roots when you dye your hair, and the low cost of maintenance makes people love it more and more. We have selected many reviews from real customers about dark roots blonde hair, let's see how they feel about dark roots blonde hair!

1. Dark roots blonde hair reviews from Unice beauties

●Matching the picture

-The seller was so sweet!!! She was happy enough to show me the wig!!! I felt happy when I knew my package arrived and amazed at the quality!!! Faithful to the description and photos.

What you see in the pictures is what you actually receive. For wigs with color, no color difference is the most important consideration, many customers buy unsatisfactory wigs because the color and the picture shows simply not the same. A sharp contrast between the two. And control of the color is not an easy task, especially the blonde hair, not too bright and not too dark, to achieve a sunlight-rich shiny look and also to match the girl's skin tone. Just like the customer reviews, Unice's dark roots blonde hair matches the picture and has a more stunning color than the picture.\

●Soft hair texture

-This is my second time buying from this seller and the quality is simply great. Looks very natural. Seller is very good with communication throughout the process.

The texture of real hair makes every customer who chooses Unice hair feel like they have their own original hair. Imagine if a beautifully colored wig was not smooth and even very tangled, its beauty would be greatly diminished. For dark roots blonde hair, it is very important to have a smooth texture, especially for girls who like and choose long hair, make sure to buy wigs with soft hair. The soft texture will ensure that your hair remains smooth looking when it is styled and pinned up. In addition, soft hair texture can also help refine your facial contours and give you a streamlined look.

●Very natural looking

-This is my second order from UNice and am pleased with it. They shipped out quick, The hair is soft and looks so natural, true to length. You get value for your money if you ordered here and get exactly what you see in the You get value for your money if you ordered here and get exactly what you see in the picture.

Many of our customers have commented that unice's wigs look like their own hair. In the past, it was a bit embarrassing to be seen wearing a wig at first glance, not from the wearing of the wig itself, but from the unnatural wearing effect. Including unnatural hairline, awkward hair seams, and too-rough hair strands ..... Buy unice wigs, the most basic guarantee is high quality. A good quality wig, not only can extend the life of use, but also can provide a better wearing appearance effect.

●Beautiful color

-It is great quality for the price and I use is often! Looks natural on and fits great! It didn't have a smell out of the packaging either. I would 1000℅ recommend 

I believe many people buy dark roots blonde hair because of its unique color and look. Its overall hair color is a light blonde with 3-4 inches of black roots near the roots, and the color picking gives a more natural transition to the dark roots. Blonde hair is undoubtedly the brightest and most versatile, and a little bit of accessorizing will make you look pretty enough. The blonde hair combined with dark roots has an extra layer of a unique understanding of fashion and the expression of a unique character.

● High-quality lace

-The hair is honestly so amazing, the wig arent shedding, the lace is GOOD and it's full. i would definitely recommend this vendor and their I would definitely recommend this vendor and their wigs, as this is the second wig ive bought from them this month and both are good quality. they ship super fast. seller communicates quickly aswell.

The lace material is closely related to the comfort and naturalness of the wearer. To have a perfect hairline, you need HD lace, which is suitable for almost every skin tone and blends perfectly with the scalp. Want to get rid of stuffy and bacteria breeding, you need a more breathable mesh cap, that can let your scalp contact the air. Lace wig caps have always been known to be breathable, and it's the best of both worlds when it comes to maintaining a beautiful look while also achieving a healthy scalp.

2. Dark roots blonde hair recommendation

After reading so many real reviews from unice customers, I believe you are more excited about dark roots blonde hair, let's take a look at the wigs we have selected for you!

2.1 UNice Hollow Rose Net V Part Wig No Glue Throw On And Go Red Brown Body Wave Wig With Dark Roots

Buy Now Pay Later

With both dark roots and highlights, two of the most popular elements of the moment, this blonde hair dark roots is enough to meet your full understanding of fashion. And it will make you look unique enough in the crowd, it blends light brown and dark brown with light gold highlights, suitable for any skin tone.

2.2 UNice Blonde 13x4 Lace Front Straight Wig With Dark Brown Roots

Buy Now Pay Later

Short icy blonde hair with dark roots is especially suitable for girls with light skin tones and deep eyes, it makes you look noble and beautiful like Venus. If you are a light-skinned girl, you can curl this short icy blonde hair with dark roots into loose waves, while dark-skinned girls can try body wave hair texture.

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