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Elevate Your Edginess: Dark Purple Hair Color Ideas to Inspire!

Last updated Apr 12, 2024

Are you thinking about a bold fashion makeover for your hair? Dark purple hair color may be just the color you are seeking. Having become a fascinating trend in hair styling, it offers a bold and unique expression of individuality. From deep fuchsia to rich eggplant shades, the versatility of deep purple hues can lead to endless creativity and personalization. If you're curious about dark purple hair color, keep reading to learn more about it.

What is Dark Purple Hair Color?

Dark Purple Hair Color

Dark purple hair color is a shade that is usually more intense than other purple colors, akin to the colors of eggplant and plum. It is a rich and bold color that can add depth and dimension to one's overall appearance.

The shades of dark purple can range from deep purple to almost black purple or vibrant saturated shades. You can achieve this color through various hair coloring techniques such as using semi-permanent or permanent hair dyes or mixing different shades of purple to achieve the desired shade.

What Skin Tone Suits Dark Purple Hair Color?

Chic Dark Purple Hair Color

Dark purple hair pairs well with a variety of skin tones, but it particularly complements medium to dark skin tones.

Shades such as plum or eggplant may be stunning if you have a warm skin tone.

If you have cooler undertones, you might find that shades of violet or indigo suit you well.

In the end, choosing dark purples that harmonize rather than clash with your skin tone is critical. If you're unsure, consulting a professional colorist can help you find the perfect match for your unique skin tone.

Is Dark Purple Hair Warm or Cool?

Appealing Dark Purple Hair Color

Dark purple hair color is generally considered to be a cool-toned shade. Cool tones in hair colors are defined as having blue or violet undertones, which give the appearance of being colder and more subdued. Dark purple hair falls into this category because it contains blue and violet pigments, which give it a cooler tone rather than a warm one.

Will Dark Purple Hair Color Fade Quickly?

The porosity of the hair, the type of dye used, the level of maintenance given to the hair, and environmental factors like water quality and sun exposure can all have an effect on how long dark purple hair color lasts. Dark purple can fade over time, especially if it is not well maintained, but generally speaking, darker tones fade more slowly than lighter ones since they contain more pigment.

How to Get Dark Purple Hair Color?

DIY vs. Professional Salon

While some people are daring enough to dye their hair a dark purple on their own, others might value the skill and accuracy that a professional hair stylist can provide. Therefore, while choosing between DIY coloring and salon services, take into account things like experience, desired outcomes, and money.

DIY at home

If someone decides to dye their hair a dark purple hue at home, they must adhere to a detailed tutorial to obtain the finest results. To achieve a bright, long-lasting color, this can entail sectioning the hair, uniformly applying the dye, and giving the color adequate time to process!

The Most Popular and Appealing Dark Purple Hair Color For You

Dark purple hair has grown to be a fashionable look that stands out and attracts to people who wish to use bold hair colors to show who they are. Let's now examine a few of the dark purple hair shades that we believe are now in style. You can select the option that best fits your preferences and style.

Dark red purple hair color

Dark red purple hair color

Dark purple hair color usually creates a rich, deep hue with hints of both red and purple, adding a captivating mystique to your look.

Dark purple blue hair color

Dark purple blue hair color

Blending rich purples with cooler shades of blue, deep purple-blue hair color makes for a unique and striking hue that can show off your unique personality.

Dark brown purple hair color

Dark brown purple hair color

Dark brown purple hair color blends the depth of dark brown with the subtle appeal of purple shades. This color adds depth and dimension to your hair, creating a striking and unique look.

Dark plum purple hair color

Dark plum purple hair color

Rich and deep, dark plum purple hair color blends the brilliance of purple with the richness of plum. Rich plum undertones and vivid purple accents come together to produce a captivating appearance.

Dark purple burgundy hair color

Dark purple burgundy hair color

Dark purple burgundy hair color is a rich and striking shade that blends a deep purple tone with a semblance of burgundy. It works well with a range of complexion tones and hair types and gives any appearance a dash of sophisticated edge.


Show off your inner dynamo with confidence and elegance as you embrace the allure of deep purple hair. Your hair can convey your own style and abilities in a variety of ways, from understated elegance to striking declaration. With the right knowledge and care, your enchanting color journey awaits you with endless possibilities and limitless beauty.

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