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Common Hair Mistakes That Make You Look Older

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Aging can be a beautiful fact of life—but there's no need to rush it—and it can be slowed down by avoiding some of the mistakes that can cause your hair to age. A few bad hairstyles or hair care tips can destroy your self-confidence and make you look older than you are. This article will explain to you some common hair mistakes that make you look older and why they may add some unwanted years to your look. Let's keep reading.

Let the hair grow too long


Women make a common style mistake time and time again: not getting a haircut as often. Even a simple trim will keep your hair looking its best. Be aware that split ends run up your hair, so, especially with long hair, we recommend trimming every seven weeks.


On the other hand, we also advise you not to stick to the rules—this advice applies to hair and makeup. If your hair stayed the way it was and is now graying or thinning, or you didn't adjust the color to neutralize and brighten your skin tone. Because as you age, your skin tone also changes.

Forget to trim your hair regularly

Even if you've gotten rid of your hairspray obsession and foot-high bangs, you might still be making a very common hair mistake and looking more tired than trendy. The biggest downside of this one: is outdated, layered hairstyles and bad streak highlights.


If you've had your haircut and hair color for 30 years, chances are it's time for a change. Talk to your professional stylist about your current style and color preferences. Ask them how to modernize cuts, colors, and styles for a more youthful look.

Choose a wrong hair color


Of course, color is an entirely separate category that can create endless content in your hair story, but the ultimate way you might give your look a less ageless look: use light blonde to accentuate your hair color. This lightens your skin tone with a subtle balayage highlight color at the ends and roots of your hair that accentuates your eye color and skin.

Try to recreate your salon look wrongly


It's not that simple—especially when operating an all-purpose heating tool. The biggest mistake women make is when they try to recreate the look their stylist does at the salon without being taught the right way, especially when using hot tools. They are very unnatural. Instead, use a curling iron to bend the hair instead of the actual curl from root to end.

Dry your hair badly in the morning


Badly blow-drying hair can sometimes backfire. If you have curly hair, improper blow-drying can make your hair look frizzy or cause unwanted volume gain. Having the right tools—the right brushes, hair dryers, and products—and being patient will lead you to success.

Be unaware of color fading

It's not new information that color can hardly keep up with the growth rate and metabolism of the hair itself. Faded colors may appear aged, instead, you may choose to visit your colorist to restore your shade.


But we're also drawing a fine line between wanting a rooted color and not coloring our hair for more than three months. Our advice: If your natural root color exceeds four inches, it's aging and it's time to color your strands.

Pay no attention to hot permed hair ends

Keeping the ends fresh will always make you look younger and more elegant. Too often, people cause so much mechanical damage to their hair that they forget to deal with it. We recommend that if you are not ready for a trim, go to a salon to rejuvenate your hair. If you can, go for a deep conditioning treatment once a month. Not only will this make your hair look shiny, but it will also look younger.


Likewise, "ragged" edges and so-called "long, fine, tousled hair" can make you look old and make you look older. At this point, you need to reconsider your color and cut, and then go to someone you admire for a haircut.

Use only one color formula to cover gray

A common mistake when doing darker undertones or even regular gray coverage is for colorists to use the same formula for the entire head. Instead of using one solid color formula for the entire head, we recommend that you use a second formula that uses only one lighter color around the face to enhance the complexion for a youthful glow.


Just make sure the color is a finger's width away from the face, as we all have finer baby hairs that grab the color quicker—they get darker than the rest of our hair. Nothing makes us look older than a black halo around our eyes and cheekbones.

Ignore nutritional supplements


Underestimating the power of nutritional supplements is another important hair mistake that can make you age. Because as we age, our hair changes as our bodies go through major events, like having a baby or stress from dietary changes. Often, hair needs additional support from vitamins such as biotin and other hair nutritional supplements that strengthen hair follicles, which in turn aid hair growth to accommodate and support hormonal changes.

Forget dealing with layers

Don't forget layers! While some women can get away with a single look altogether, it often requires a lot of work to not look drab. Smooth, straight hair in one length looks chic, but if you're not someone who can spend an hour in front of the mirror perfecting your hairstyle, it can be a tricky look.


Thin hair has more layers and it adds texture and bounce to the look. It makes your hairstyle lighter and more complementary. Properly placed layers can help thin hair have more volume, mainly because your hair won't be as heavy as full length. But you have to get the level right to avoid falling behind.


Conversely, layers that are too short will make your hair look thinner and give it a choppy about-to-explode quality and look that is quite age-defying. If you want to hide layers around your hair, then avoid short layers around the crown, as doing so will add volume and natural texture.



Age is the precipitation of years, and aging is the only way for people. However, with time, beauty remains as before. Mastering the above hair care skills and knowledge, and learning to avoid mistakes in hair care, are of great significance to protecting your hair health. If you have any other questions or are interested in this topic, we sincerely welcome you to leave a comment below the article!

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