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Colorful Lace Front Wigs In The Coming Autumn

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Time slowly passes, we will soon go from the scorching sun, alive and bright summer into the cool, quiet, and tender autumn. Everything changes from the beginning, and we would like to change the hairstyles. To quickly change the hairstyle, we would like to wear lace front wigs in different colors since they are more lightweight and comfortable and have less damage to your natural hair. Today, let’s have a look at colorful lace front wigs in the coming autumn.

1. The Popularity of Lace Front Wigs

A lace front wig is a special type of hairpiece or wig in which human hair or synthetic hair is tied by hand to a sheer lace base that goes over the scalp. While the lace front wigs provided by UNice are 100% real human hair. Nowadays, the lace front wig has been one of the most popular wigs with mature manufacturing techniques all over the world for years.

A great many women like lace front wigs for the reason that they look more natural compared to other types. It gives an illusion of hair growing from your natural hairline.

Besides, lace front wigs don’t need special treatments and extra care and you can wash, condition, and brush them like your real hair.

In addition, wearing a lace wig will reduce the salon expenses for hair cutting or styling. It can be restyled in a comfortable home, just like from a long to a short hairstyle or dying it to another color.

Therefore, for many women, buying a lace front wig is a one-time investment with multiple returns. 

2. The colorful lace front wigs in the coming autumn

2.1 Reddish Brown Lace Front Wigs


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Red is perhaps the main color of autumn that can be easily found in nature, for example on the trees, on those already fallen, or in some typical fruits of the season. Red, is always the color that most of all symbolizes life, strength, and energy. Brown is the color that most easily makes us think of the earth and the trunk of trees: it represents respect for our roots, security, vision, and willpower.

The reddish brown is a blend of shades of reds and browns such as auburn, mahogany, burgundy, copper, and chestnut. Although this color is the rarest natural hair color in the world with a mere one to two percent of people born with auburn hair, it is a very popular choice in autumn hair color. 

The reddish brown is a warm color that can leave us with a sense of power and security, making us feel comfortable and relaxing. When you wear a reddish brown lace front wig, walking in a winding street with the leaves on both sides slowly falling with the wind, you blend in with the exclusive scenery of this autumn. What a beautiful scene it is! 

2.2 Honey Blonde Lace Front Wigs


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Honey blonde is a hair color with a blend of light brown and sunkissed blonde with warm gold tones running through. With the dual blonde and brunette tones, honey blonde colored hair can be adapted by making it darker or lighter to suit different skin tones, eye colors, and personal styles.

Honey blonde is firstly used in Harper’s Bazar in the late 19th century. This medium-tone blonde hair color gets its name by having a similar hue to real honey made by honey bees. Since it can compliment nearly every skin tone, it has been one of the most popular choices of hair colors during these decades.

Honey blonde is a great hair color that can make you look younger. As we all know, healthy and natural hair can make you look younger. The honey blonde wigs in are made of 100% human hair with sophisticated craftsmanship. The honey blonde lace front wig you get from this site will be strong, silky, and shiny, giving your complexion a healthy, youthful glow under the bright and warm autumn sunshine. 

2.3 Burgundy Color Lace Front Wigs


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Burgundy, also called red wine color, is a rich reddish-purple hue, which is a combination of brown, red, and a hint of blue. The color burgundy takes its name from the Burgundy wine in France. It is first recorded as a color name in 1881. And in the 21st century, the Burgundy hue is super trendy. 

Burgundy color lace front wigs look good on everyone. It is so attractive and you will fall in love with this color and design. Since burgundy is a versatile color, there is a wide range of burgundy hair color shades for people to choose from. The deep dark burgundy hair color will shine through without compromising on your natural look, which is perfect for those who desire a subtle change. The light burgundy hair color will make a woman more stunning and you will find yourself looking so wonderful with this hair color.

2.4 Natural Black Lace Front Wigs


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Black hair is the darkest and most common of all human hair colors in the world. Estimates indicate that 75% to 85% of the world’s population has black or very dark brown hair. So, whenever you wear a black wig, it is natural and appealing. And, among all the natural black wigs, the long straight black wig is the most appealing one.

The natural black lace front wig is easy to care for and maintain. For many, a human hair wig is an investment that the wearer hopes to use for a long time. The natural black lace front wigs from are all made of human hair. The black human hair is kept as natural as possible in the production. With the proper care, human hair wigs tend to last more than a year when worn daily and up to three years when worn occasionally.

When you wear the black natural lace front wig, your long black hair is slightly lifted by the wind. Together with the beautiful scenery of sunsetting, you gently stroke the flying hair. This kind of atmosphere brings its own aesthetic feeling, which is impressive to others.

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