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How to Color Your Hair Yourself?

Last updated Jul 17, 2024

This is an interesting question. Why color your hair? 

Compared to the body, skin, and temperament, the change of hair is simply the best way to become charming. Of course, it's refreshing to be beautiful, but it can also be frowned upon without a good hairstyle. So, many girls like to try and change their hair, it is the most popular way which should be both quick and seemingly painless. 

how to color your hair

The change of hairstyle, in addition to the straight change roll, the volume changes straight and changes the color, therefore, coloring the hair becomes a subjective demand naturally. On the other hand, Dyeing technology in the development of contemporary science has gradually and mastered.

Today I will share with you how to color your hair weaving, hope you can enjoy it.


How to Color the Hair?

How to Color Your Hair Yourself?

How to Choose the Hair Color?

How to Color the Hair

The material you will need:

Hair with closure, hair dye, a brush, a color bowl, plastic wrap, gloves, a towel, aluminum foil, a wide-tooth comb.

color hair

Principle 1: Be loyal to the primary

Whether your hair's color is natural or has changed when you select a new hair color, you must be loyal to your primary colors, and choose according to your original hair color tonal. Whether you want to be dyed deep or dye shallow, cannot distance your former color from more than two Numbers of color, otherwise would be too exaggerated.

Principle 2: Choose cool colors

If you first dye your hair and use a "warm" color, it's easy to dye your hair to look dull, like sandpaper. So it's much safer to choose colors that are cool or neutral.

How to Color Your Hair Yourself?

color hair

Step 1 Make sufficient reserves before dying.

Usually a can of hair dye, enough for the middle hair people to use once (that is, hair to the shoulder area). If your hair is particularly long or particularly thick, make sure you have enough reserves before you dye your virgin hair bundles, or you'll be too embarrassed to get half your fuel.

Step 2 Use professional tools

Hair colorings are usually available with simple and limited use. So to have a better effect, go to the beauty shop to buy a more professional (or at least stronger) tool. For example, dyeing gloves cannot be just a thin layer of transparent plastic.

Step 3 Be careful with your hair dye.

The most common embarrassment of DIY dying is to make up the hair color and the original hair color is not consistent! Even if you use the same brand with the same color, if the dye is kept from the roots in the waiting process to repeat the color, it will cause the dye to be dyed differently.

To prevent accidents, you can ask your friends to help you or find a three-sided mirror to see where the stain is coming from. If you want to make up for the color you have already dyed, use a comb to comb the hair dye to the ends of the hair for 5 minutes before washing, and then wash the hair together for 5 minutes.

how to color hair

Step 4 After dyeing, the hair color is always new.

The more precious your hair is, the better its color will be. Therefore, after dyeing hair, choose to wash the products with dyed hair, at least once a week.

Step 5 Nature-covered white hair.

If you dye hair to cover a lot of white hair, then choose one in the middle of the white hair color and your days of several colors, this color looks more natural, and even if a new long hair should not be too abrupt.

Step 6 Be careful of curly hair.

Because the curl is dry, natural also easy to absorb hair dye, the color is faster than straight hair, and natural is more easily damaged. So when you dye your hair or closure, reduce the dye component by 4 points and 1, replace it with distilled water, mix it up, and use it as usual.

Step 7 Try more colors.

Hair color is more like an adornment, so you can choose the color that you do not choose normally, slightly shallow, a little deep, and very likely will appear to let you overjoyed the color. If you're afraid of "getting lost," you can choose to spray your hair or dye your hair.

Warm-up: Please do not wash your hair before the hair dye waiting time.

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How to Choose the Hair Color?

Dark-skinned girls want to use the popular hair color to make them look a little whiter. When choosing a hair color, don't try those colors that are too bright. Maybe it's beautiful, but it doesn't match your dull complexion. For darker skin color dye color selection tips, read this article and check it out.

How to choose the color?

color wig

Dark-skinned girls with dark skin, it is best not to choose black, all long straight hair dyed linen texture maroon, so your face will look a lot of white.

Many girls will have long straight hair from the shoulder position down to the big wave perm, the whole hairstyle becomes a lot of fashion trends, you can dye all the long hair dark maroon so that the girl's dull skin color will immediately look bright and translucent.

For dark-skinned girls with dark complexion, the most suitable hair color is maroon, and low-key, inconspicuous maroon can easily conceal the girl's dark complexion.

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