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Choppy Bob Gives You a Modern Textured Haircut

Last updated Feb 28, 2024

Do you want a new cut? Choppy bob, the emerging bob, has seen a whopping 550% rise in searches in 2023. Jenna Ortega also performs this short shoulder-length bob.

The choppy bob is a modern bob with many short layers, adding short layers creates a textured bob hairstyle with more movement and definition. If you want to deepen your understanding of the choppy bob, then you have come to the right place!

What is a choppy bob?

A chopped bob is a bob that has been cut so that it has many layers on different levels. Layers add texture to your hair, making it look more defined and frisky. You can create the look with either razor scissors or regular scissors.

Is a choppy bob suitable for thin hair?

Choppy bobs are a good choice for thin hair because they make your hairstyle appear more voluminous and structured. If your hair lacks body and volume, a choppy bob is the way to go.

How to get choppy Bob?

First, decide how long or short you want to cut your hair. First, choose a length that you are comfortable with, because it will be a little shorter than a regular one-piece bob as you add layers and cut in.

Next, customize it to your hair type. Choppy bobs suit most hair types, including curly hair.

Then, with one hand, separate a strand of hair.

Make a 0.5-inch indentation near the end of the strand with scissors, then cut in at an angle from left to right.

Rep the previous step, but this time cut from right to left, forming a V with the strand.

Continue doing this until all of your hair has been cut, or sliced as the stylist would say.

However, there is a trick to making this style look perfect. Even if it's wavy, make sure it's balanced and symmetrical. When it comes to styling, sometimes less is more, so allowing it to air dry around the face can make it super easy and work with the natural texture.

Can you make a choppy bob straight?

Straightening a choppy bob will enhance its layered structure. So, if you're channeling a Rock star, feel free to use a hair straightener to make your strands perfectly smooth.

10 Incredible Choppy Bob Hairstyles for 2023

1. Short Stacked Bob

Short Stacked Bob

A short choppy bob with shorter hair at the back is a great way to show thin hair who's boss. With such a volumetric crown, you can't help but be on point all the time.

2. Jaw-Length Shaggy Haircut with Side Bangs

Jaw-Length Shaggy Haircut with Side Bangs

With a quality layered haircut and a good texturizer, choppy hairstyles are a breeze. Add a dimensional hair color, such as this multi-tonal brown blonde, and you'll have a trendy look at your fingertips with minimal effort.

3. Choppy Inverted Bob

Choppy Inverted Bob

The textured nature of the inverted bob is enhanced by a blonde balayage. This ashy blonde's rootiness allows for a lot of depth.

4. Shoulder-Length Choppy Bob

Shoulder-Length Choppy Bob

Ultra-light highlights complement naturally curly hair beautifully. Lightening treatments, on the other hand, can be damaging to your hair, so use deep conditioners and leave-in treatments.

5. Wavy Bob Hairstyle

Wavy Bob Hairstyle

The key to achieving a super-curly style is to begin the ringlets at the root of the hair rather than the midshafts. To create the illusion of more curls, use a small barreled curling wand and alternate directions when curling the hair.

6. Grey Choppy Bob with Purple Chunky Highlights

Grey Choppy Bob with Purple Chunky Highlights

A funky fun look is a grey choppy bob with chunky purple highlights. I recommend using cooler tones for fashion dye in grey hair to complement your hair. Cooler colors like purple, blue, and teal can inspire you. When shampooing your hair, use a color care shampoo and conditioner.

7. Choppy One-Length Bob with Wispy Layers

Choppy One-Length Bob with Wispy Layers

A choppy one length bob with wispy layers is a fun new style to try if you're looking for a fun new look. Bob haircuts come in a variety of shapes and styles, but my favorite is a choppy bob with wispy textured layers.

This style works well on fine/thin hair because it makes it appear fuller and thicker while also adding bounce. This bob's length is ideal for all face shapes and can be styled straight, wavy, or with curls.

8. Choppy Graduated Bob for Brunette Hair

Choppy Graduated Bob for Brunette Hair

The ideal look is a dimensional brunette choppy bob with graduation. For a dimensional bob, ask your stylist to add color ribbons to create contrast. Brunettes look great in lighter warm-colored pieces such as caramel, gold, and red.

A graduated bob haircut has a rounded shape around the perimeter. It is accomplished by adding fullness around the nape. To break it up and create soft movement, add some texture to the ends.

9.Two-Tiered Brown Blonde Bob

Two-Tiered Brown Blonde Bob

If you don't want to look too shaggy, you can opt for a trendy bob with chopped layers. This haircut has two tiers with different angles on the edges. As a result, you get a unique haircut that you won't see on every other girl.

10. Edgy Neck-Length Bob with a Shaved Side

Edgy Neck-Length Bob with a Shaved Side

Women over 40 who want to try something new can opt for a neck-length bob with a shaved side. This modern, textured haircut exudes an easygoing and stylish vibe. It's bound to draw attention. For added volume and movement, consider adding layers to the back of your hair. It will provide you with more shape and texture.

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