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The Best Outfit and Foods to Celebrate the Coming Halloween 2022

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Halloween is around the corner, we need to get ready for it to celebrate the saints, martyrs, and faithful who departed. By part-taking, in the celebration, we show honor to our brethren who showed their firmness in their faith.

Happy Halloween!

We should understand what Halloween means and how it came to exist before we can buy the best Halloween costumes, play Halloween games, or indulge in Halloween night horrors.

This practice gives the celebration meaning, and through such understanding, we will be able to show our respect to the departed saints, martyrs, and faithful. As partakers, thus, it is crucial that we prepare well for the festival so that we can make it memorable as well as give thanks to our brethren who chose to sacrifice for our survival.

The preparation process involves thinking about the best Halloween costumes, Halloween hairstyles, Halloween foods, Halloween treats, and many more physical things to get yourself ready for the event.

Halloween Hairstyles and makeup ideas


The Halloween celebration involves a lot of styling to demonstrate the various situation in which our departed champions suffered and how they stayed with their faith intact. The Halloween party is made colorful with a mixture of styling and lighting, and the collection of hairstyles and makeup makes it even more lively.

There are several hairstyles and makeup ideas that you may consider in preparation for the festival that is worth trying.

Halloween Hairstyles


  • Faux Mohawks

The Faux Mohawks hairstyle is what you may choose for your haircut during this year's Halloween festival.

Faux Mohawks

The design offers better hair volumes at the top that will match the comb, and your spray will last longer with the style before the scent fades away. The technique allows for the addition of curls and other modifications that will complement your Halloween costumes.

  • Floral Accents

Having colorful hair blended with flowers would make Halloween colorful. The Floral Accents hairstyle is the best you can have for your hair then.

Floral Accents

With this hairstyle, you can tie your hair at the back of your neck and add different flower patterns to the braid. Achieving this may not be that easy, but the results are worth the patience. Try this hairstyle for this coming Halloween and make your day beautiful.  

  • Finger Waves

If you want to a simple but stylish design for the coming Halloween festival, then take advantage of the Finger waves hairstyle.

Finger Waves

This hairstyle uses falling curls that may go beyond the neck and or form short curls around the head. This simple design will get you ready for the Halloween festival without having to do a lot of preparation but still, have a beautiful look. The hairstyle matches most ladies' outfits and you will never miss a match.

  • Cat Ears Hairstyle

The cat has been symbolic in stylish designs, and you will even find a cat ear effect in your favorite photo editing app.

Cat Ears Hairstyle

Catwalks have always been used in the display of dressing codes and now why don't you use the cat for your hair too? The designs have proven to be the best for other fields and your hairstyle will make you better than that. Get the cat look for the Halloween holiday and celebrate it in style-the catwalk style.

  •   Rounded Bob Hairstyle

The simple but elegant hairstyle will get you prepared for the Halloween festival.

Rounded Bob Hairstyle

Why don't you take advantage of this design and make a beautiful look with simple styling but expensive looks? This event runs for three days which is enough for you to reign with your hairstyle. Have your hair form a falling design that covers your head nicely while providing an excellent outfit for your holiday. 

Halloween Makeup Ideas

Having made your hair, let move downwards towards the face and neck all the way to the abdomen. You need to add some effects to the eyelashes, masks, tattoos, jewels, lipsticks, and nail accessories. These added styling complements your hair and sets the mood right for the festival.

The different types of makeup suit different scenes where action has to be demonstrated on how the Saints went through the hard times. This process may include the use of fake blood to symbolize the flow that occurred during that dark period. Let us see details for some you may consider for the Halloween festival.

  • Face Costume

Face Costume

The various facial costumes that may be adopted for the Halloween night party are ghost costumes, skeletons costumes, wonder woman, or related products.

These costumes are intended to keep the holiday spirit high and depict the fear the martyrs lived with during the persecution period. Buy yourself one and part-take as one of the setters of the mood of the festival. 

  • Zombie Schoolgirl

Zombie Schoolgirl

The Zombie Schoolgirl makeup can be the best makeup for your Halloween holiday.

These makeups are scary good and complement your outfit by extending its effects to the rest of the body making you look like a real zombie-the one we see in movies. The collection of various styling form different patterns from which you can select the most appropriate one for yourself. Blend the Halloween spirit with the scary-good looks. 

  •  Vampire


The saints and Martyrs went through some torture before they died. The process inflicted pain on them and could have resulted in blood loss. Demonstration of such events requires blood-pigmented stains that will be used to show the wounds and blood flow that the departed brethren may have experienced. They may be used in various parts of the body to serve the intended purpose. 

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Halloween Treats


The makeup is done, and the physical appearance is complete but what do we have to give to our fellow believers and ourselves to that is different from what we always have? The notable events we engage in during the festival which are intended to treat ourselves makes the party pleasant and memorable.

Try a recipe that you had never attempted before and made better desserts to make that make the event more special than any other event. You can try the following treats for the approaching Halloween.

  • Candy Corn Cookies


Candy Corn Cookies

Cookies may appear as nothing special until you try the Candy Corn Cookies. Halloween is bringing you this opportunity to try out the cookies as a form of treating yourself. The cookies are made of refrigerated dough and added white melted chocolate and are shaped to any attractive design you may find appropriate for the event.

  • Candy Corn Cookies

Candy Corn Cookies

The Grave Intentions are made of chocolate cakes iced with the X and RIP chocolate icing. Chocolate is then added to the resulting cake and skeletons are attached to the top to make it look like a grave. This treatment is suitable for Halloween because it depicts the scene in which the festival is intended to the commemorate the fallen saints.

  • Skull Cookies

Skull Cookies

You may consider extending the skull exhibition from the streets to your dining table with the Skull cookies. These cookies are made to look like skulls as the name suggests and they match well the festival as well as serve to treat you well. The cookies are made by baking the wafer into a skull-like cake and then allowing it to cool before spreading vanilla frosting over it.

Halloween Characteristic New Food

 While living in the spirit of Halloween, it is nice if you make the kitchen produce scary-good foods too. The food could be made to look like a skull, brain, or even a ribcage. There are several new Halloween foods you may consider cooking in 2018. They include:

  • Skull Cookies

Skull Cookies

The Ghost pizza is suitable for the Halloween festival because it serves as a decoration as well as feeds us. It is made like the regular pizza but has ghost-like patterns on it which give it the name is called. Send the ghost to your stomach and let the internals feel the spirit of Halloween. 

  • Spider Hot Dogs

Spider Hot Dogs

Regular hot dogs cannot set the Halloween mood because we are used to it, and we want to try the spider hot dogs. They are scary but delicious, and this mixture sets the mood right for the festival. This meal is worth trying because of its delicacy, style, and professionalism with which it is cooked. 

  • Dracula Dentures

Dracula Dentures

Dracula with its long dentures looks scary. Now bringing the idea of cooing and making the Dracula dentures becomes a good choice for trying a new food this Halloween. Try the Dracula dentures, you may fly during the Halloween party, who knows? They may look scary but they are sweet. 

The Halloween festival is a special event for us all. Let what we eat, drink and partake in raise the Halloween spirit. Celebrate it with friends, family, and everyone. Please use this opportunity to get your partner a Halloween gift or at least give them a Halloween treat to appreciate them for being there for you always.  

Halloween Wishes


Since this is the time for goblins and bats,

Halloween spirits and ghosts and cats.

Weird happenings and witches brew,

These are the things I wish for you . . .

May the only ghost that comes your way,

Be the Holy Ghost to guide your way.

May the only spirits you chance to meet,

Be the spirits of love and kindness sweet.

These are my Halloween wishes for you,

May God bless you in everything you do. 

It's no Trick,

I just want to say,

It's a Treat to know you in every way!

Happy Halloween

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