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Care Tips for Virgin Malaysian Hair Weave

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Virgin Malaysian Hair is sleek , shiny and has an extremely luxurious feel.Malaysian hair can provide a perfect natural-looking and feel once installed. However, with proper care and maintenance, virgin malaysian hair can last for years and multiple installs. It is very important to care for your human hair weave.So, how do you take care of malaysian hair weave properly?

The primary hair care of virgin malaysian hair is washing and conditioning! Regular washing and deep conditioning keep your malaysian hair weaves healthy. To keep your weave hair no shedding and tangling, use good conditioner to maintain it.

Malaysian Hair Malaysian Hair Bundles With Closure
Malaysian Hair Malaysian Hair Bundles With Closure

Before you begin washing your weave, comb thorough the hair using a wide-toothed comb to remove any tangles.You need to pay attention to the routine of water, and keep it as a habit. Be sure that all of the hair is damp and wet, then comb through it again using your wide-toothed comb. Using shampoo and conditioner to moisturize your human hair weave. It is very important to choose the right shampoo and condition, make sure your hair weave won't shed, maintain smooth hair. You need to blow drying your hair weave to prevent tangles and speed up the drying process.Brush your hair weave again and then add your favorite natural oil to the weave.No matter what kind of products you use, always add moisture, such as water oil spray and hail, remember, not only in the morning, and in the evening to do this routine.

Taking care of your Malaysian hair weave is important for beautiful, long-lasting weaves.You should do your best to keep it healthy and raise confidence of yourself.Also,you need to try your best to care for your Virgin hair to make it smooth and tangle-free, which will give you a perfect look.

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