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Body Wave vs Deep Wave Wig: What's The Difference?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Speaking of opting for the perfect hairstyle, wigs offer a broad range of options to improve your appearance. Body waves and deep waves are two well-liked options. Both looks add length and volume to your natural hair while giving you a gorgeous look. In this article, we will delve into the differences between body wave and deep wave wigs to support you make a wise decision for your next hair transformation.

What Are Body Wave Wigs?

appealing body wave wig

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Body wave wigs are distinguished by their flowing, loose waves, which give them a natural and carefree appearance. The waves have a broader "S" pattern than usual, which gives the hair a voluminous and glam appearance. These wigs are well-liked among wig fans since they may fit a variety of face types and are versatile.

Key Characteristics of Body Wave Wig:

◆ Soft and Flowing Waves: The defining characteristic of a body wave wig is its soft, flowing waves that cascade down gracefully.

◆ Texture: Body wave wigs include smooth hair strands, which make them simple to handle and style.

◆ Volume: These wigs provide ample volume, adding fullness to your hair without being overly voluminous.

◆ Natural Look: Body wave wigs provide a natural appearance by seamlessly integrating with your own hairline.

What Are Deep Wave Wigs?

appealing deep wave wig

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Deep wave wigs have tighter, more defined curls that mimic the appearance of ocean waves. The bouncy, elegant curls give off a more dramatic, arresting impression. If you want a hairdo that is more dramatic and voluminous, deep-wave wigs are a great option.

Key Characteristics of Deep Wave Wig:

◆ Well-Defined Curls: A deep wave wig's most noticeable feature is its well-defined curls, which have a stunning visual impact.

◆ Tighter Waves: The waves in a deep wave wig are tighter and more structured than those in a body wave.

◆ Volume and Bounce: Deep wave wigs offer voluminous curls that bounce with every movement, adding a touch of drama to your overall look.

◆ Low Maintenance: Requires minimal maintenance for long-lasting curls, perfect for special occasions and events.

Body Wave vs Deep Wave Wig: What's The Difference?

Are you interested in learning more about the distinctions between body wave and deep wave wigs now that you are familiar with their names and key characteristics? Next, we will tell you the distinctions between body wave wigs and deep wave wigs. Let's take a look.

1. Wave Pattern

The most prominent distinction between body wave wigs and deep wave wigs lies in their wave patterns. While body Wave boasts loose and gentle "S" shaped waves, deep Wave features tighter and more pronounced curls. Body Wave is ideal for a subtler and more relaxed look, while Deep Wave offers a more dramatic and eye-catching effect.

2. Texture

Another important distinction between these two types is the texture. Body Wave hair has a silkier, smoother texture that feels gentle to the touch. Deep Wave, on the other hand, has a rougher texture, which gives the curls more resiliency and bounce.

3. Styling Versatility

In terms of styling, body waves, and deep waves call for distinct strategies. Due to its loose waves, body wave is more manageable and easier to maintain. It can be easily straightened for a sleek appearance or curled for a more defined style. Deep wave requires more care and attention because the tighter curls might become frizzy if handled incorrectly.

4. Recommended Face Shapes

Body wave wigs can soften angular features and complement a variety of facial shapes. With their thick curls, deep wave wigs provide dimension and definition to round and oval face types.

5. Occasions and Outfits

Body wave wigs are ideal for daily usage because they give off a natural and carefree appearance. Deep wave wigs are more appropriate for formal occasions and evening parties where you want to stand out because of their spectacular appearance.

6. Maintenance

Body wave typically needs less maintenance due to its looser waves, which are less prone to tangling. Deep Wave, being more tightly curled, may demand more effort to detangle and style. Regular conditioning and moisturizing are essential for both styles to keep the waves looking their best.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Body Wave and Deep Wave Wigs

1. Face Shape and Features

face shape-1

Take your face shape and facial features into consideration while choosing a body wave wig or deep wave wig. Body wave wigs add a softer frame to the face and work with a variety of face forms. Deep wave wigs can add definition and structure to round or oval faces because of their strong curls.

2. Hair Goals and Occasions

Your hair goals and the occasions you plan to wear the wig play an important role in your decision. A body wave wig can be more appropriate if you want an everyday wig that delivers a natural and carefree appearance. A deep-wave wig can be the ideal option for formal occasions and gatherings where a gorgeous image is required.

3. Daily Routine and Lifestyle

When deciding between the two wig styles, take into account your daily routine and lifestyle. A body wave wig may be the perfect option if you have a hectic schedule and need a wig that needs little upkeep. A deep wave wig, however, might be a lovely choice if you enjoy styling your hair frequently and have the time to devote to maintaining your wig.


In conclusion, both body wave and deep wave hair are excellent choices for those seeking wavy and voluminous hairstyles. Considering your individual preferences, face shape, and way of life will help you choose the best choice. Whether you opt for the deep wave's dramatic attraction or the body wave's softer grace, you will be the center of attention with your striking new appearance.

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