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Best Stylish Wigs For Older Women And Purchase Guide

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

As the elderly population grows, the demand for wigs and headwear (tops) is definitely on the rise! But women classified as older are not going to go down without a fight. More and more women over 50 are looking at least 10 to 15 years younger because of a growing focus on caring for body and mind. Beautiful hair is also an important part of looking and feeling younger. Finding the perfect wig can be very challenging. If you're struggling to find human hair wigs, don't hesitate to come to us!

Things To Consider When Choosing Wigs for Older Women


There should be no shame in wearing a wig. Many women, no matter their age, are willing to use wigs as a fashion accessory to transform their looks without over-dying their hair. According to a forecast report, "The global wig and hair extensions market is expected to exceed $10 billion in revenue by 2023, growing at a CAGR of approximately 9% from 2017-2023."

1. What color of wigs to choose

This is a time when you can experiment with different colors, possibly choosing something completely different from what you've worn for years or even decades.


You don't have to stick to gray or white wigs, but also keep in mind that some wigs are made for young people. Your ethnicity also plays a role in choosing the color and texture of the wig.

2. What length of wigs to choose

As we age, our hair tends to slow down its growth process. It also tends to get thinner, which is one reason why older women turn to wigs.


There's no need to say you have to have short hair to choose a short wig. Choose a wig that suits you and your lifestyle. Think about the amount of styling time you want to spend on your wig, and choose accordingly. Of course, short wigs are usually easier to manage.

3. Quality and price

This is an industry with a wildly different price range. The quality of the hair used to make the wig affects the price of the wig.

3.1 Human hair wig


Human hair wigs are the most expensive but also the best quality wigs. You can design natural hair wigs just like your own hair and they will look and feel more natural and authentic. Hair products from around the world often dictate the price point.

High-end human hair wigs cost between $2,500 and $8,000. But you can also find bargains starting at even $100. But remember, when it comes to wigs, you get what you pay for.

3.2 Synthetic hair wig


Synthetic hair wigs are more affordable, but may not look as natural and often cannot be styled as easily as natural wigs.

Best Wigs For Older Women

What are the best wigs? We are following the ongoing trend of finding wigs for seniors. Many older ladies often call us to ask about these models, asking if the wigs on the website are suitable, because the wigs in our store are all young models, so they are often not entirely sure if the women's wigs in our store are suitable for the elderly people.


We are now officially and solemnly answering this question: all wigs we offer are also suitable for seniors. You can choose from our full range of products at prices that will surprise you.

Also, keep in mind 30-day returns so you can try the product in the comfort of your home. If it doesn't fit, you can simply mail it back to the original address. Let's keep reading for the best wig products!

1. Super Affordable Bob V Part Straight Natural Hairline Wigs


Buy Now Pay Later

A straight bob V part wig with no lace, no gel, and no leave-out. It's a glueless human hair V part bob wig of 150% density. Easy to wear and take off.

2. Lace Front Bob Wig With Natural Black And Loose Body Wave Hair


Buy Now Pay Later

This is a lace-part loose body wave bob wig with baby hair and a pre-plucked natural hairline. The advantage of short bob wigs is that it is simple and feminine. The neat cut and chic hairstyle are sought after by many older women. Short hair is not the privilege of young fashionable women. Come give it a try.

3. Dark Copper Red 13x5 T Part Lace Straight Bob 13x4 Lace Frontal Wig

This one is a dark copper red bob wig of 150% density with 13x5x0.5 glueless T part lace and bone straight hair texture. As we all know, short haircuts are for working women and fashionistas. Bob hairstyles are also popular with many women and are a symbol of fashion and synonymous with beauty.


Buy Now Pay Later

This UNice's color wig combines the color of dark copper with popular trends. It has connotation and beauty in a low-key look. The color is not ostentatious, but it makes you stand out in the crowd. How can such a perfect match not be exciting?

Also, for older people, it's not always just short hair. Buy what you think is good. Even for older women, long human hair wigs can still be beautiful and look natural. Let's just move on.

4. Headband Water Wave Human Hair Wig


Buy Now Pay Later

Who says women over 50 can't have great hair? Beautiful and stylish, this wig is suitable for women over 50 years old. The hairstyle is just below the shoulders, full of body and movement. This wig features some large, loose curls that help add dimension to this stunning cut.

5. Honey Blonde Highlight Lace Front Body Wave Colored Wig


Buy Now Pay Later

This wig is styled in a longer length and is perfect for women over 50. Stylish wigs are modern, fun, and bouncy. Lace part wigs give a natural look and it is easy to part the hair down the middle or to one side.

Also, this wig is made with real human hair. This means you'll be able to curl, straighten and style your hair however you want, giving you more style options.

6. Ashy Grey With Dark Roots And Soft Curls 13x4 Lace Front Medium-Length Wig


Buy Now Pay Later

This headband wig is sleek and stylish and comfortable to wear. The headband design allows your natural scalp to breathe as much as possible, making this wig lightweight and breathable. The stylish curly style of this wig is timeless and suitable for many face shapes. The natural black color gives you a super natural look and the comfort is top-notch. What are you still hesitating about?

What Activities Can You Enjoy With A Modern Wig?

Wigs for women over 50 and wigs for hair loss should not interfere with your daily activities. Godiva's Secret Wigs can be used throughout your daily life without any interruptions.


As you can see, you can complete any of the following activities:

♦ Exercise (indoor and outdoor)

♦ Driving a convertible (or any other high-wing activity)

♦ Romantic activities (because entertaining new fantasies is fun)

You can even use your modern wig before and after swimming! All you need to do is towel dry your hair and go through the steps above to securely attach the wig to your head.



Remember, seniors' wigs are not old lady wigs. Free yourself from the stereotype and buy the wig you've always dreamed of. Look for something that suits your facial features and your lifestyle and enjoy your new look!

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