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The Best Way To Make Microlocs Step-By-Step Tutorial

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Still don't know how to make microlocs? I will take you through 5 ways to make microlocs and give you the best advice before making microlocs based on your hair type, hair thickness, and hair length.

1. What is microlocs?

The origin of the braid was first recorded in ancient civilizations in the 1500s BC when people saw it as a spiritual, religious, and cultural symbol. The hair was woven and twisted to form rope-like hair. And today, braids are gradually being experimented with as an aesthetic in pop music, hip-hop culture, and beauty by people of different ethnicities and regions.

Microlocs are smaller than traditional locs, and we can compare the differences between the various locs in a table.

microlocs are the tiniest braids and are a good choice for those who want to achieve a braided hairstyle but don't want the volume of the hair to be too large. While the number of Microlocs depends on the size of your head circumference, hair density, and thickness, there are 300-1000 of them.

2. 5 different ways to make microlocs

2.1 Microlocs with interlocking

●Pros: Microlocs with interlocking is a positioning technique that involves pulling the end of the hair to the root and then pulling the hair underneath until it is tight against the scalp, and the whole process is done with fingers and tools. the best part of microlocs with interlocking is that it is easy to maintain. When using other methods of making microlocs, you may have to wait a very long time to maintain the hair, while with interlocks, you can maintain the hair at any time between two or three months.

In addition to this, another benefit of Microlocs with interlocking is that it is suitable for all hair types, it helps to keep the hair in place and prevent it from falling apart. For hair that has undergone chemical treatments such as perms and coloring, interlocking is very useful to prevent dryness and breakage.

The final reason for choosing Microlocs with interlocking is in the pursuit of aesthetics. You, if the dreadlock is too visually striking, the interlock will be the best choice for you. It locks all your hair together, tightens new growth, and separates it from your scalp, giving you a clean and refreshed look.

●Cons: Microlocs with interlocking can cause traction alopecia if they are too tight. Also, because microlocs are so tiny, you need to spend a lot of time completing the whole process of making them. If you are new to microlocs, you should learn how to weave hair first and then practice more.

2.2 Microlocs with two-strand twists

Divide the hair into two parts and twist one part around the other to create a rope-like appearance

●Pros: The great thing about Microlocs with two-strand twists is that they are so easy to learn that almost anyone can try to make them themselves. Also, for girls with extra volume, two-strand twists are the best way for you to go. After a while, your braid will become very curly, so it will add volume to your hair. For girls who like the voluminous look, try Microlocs with two-strand twists.

●Cons: For soft hair that is silky and falls apart easily, your locs will fall apart easily. Another disadvantage is that Microlocs with two-strand twists can easily make your hair frizzy, so it is recommended that you do not wash your hair frequently or pour water on your hair

2.3 Microlocs with braids

Microlocs with braids are a very good choice for people with loose hair texture as well as for people with short hair.

●Pros: By choosing Microlocs with braids, your hair will not have as much new hair growth as with other types of braids. But your hair will look neat and clean.

●Cons: Your hair will look flat and the volume and volume will look small. If you have very dense hair, Microlocs with braids are not the best choice for you.

2.4 Microlocs with coils

Microlocs with coils is a unique weave that uses a comb to create even coils around the head during the weave. In addition, it also maintains new hair growth. However, this method requires more frequent hair care as it this's too easy to fall apart, as well as the subsequent frizz, shrinkage, and discomfort that can be encountered.

2.5 Microlocs with extensions

Microlocs with extensions is for those with shorter hair and those who are not willing to wait years for their braids to grow longer. As the hair growth cycle changes, you can cut the hair extension and incorporate your native hair into the hair. If you have short hair and decide to go with a hair extension, be sure to choose the human hair extension, which will last for more than six months without the frizz.

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3. Conclusion

Have you chosen the best microlocs for your hair texture? Feel free to leave a comment and let me know!

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