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Best tips to extend the life of your brazilian hair extensions

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Hair extensions are always an ongoing trend. They not only make you look good but also give your hair a beautiful volume that makes the onlookers go wow! With that said, there are some hair extensions that will never meet your standards even with the utmost hair extensions care. If you wear Brazilian hair extensions, maintenance is very important to preserve your hairstyle and longevity. Now we will share with you some best tips to extend the life of your Brazilian hair extensions.

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Daily Care.

Start styling sessions each day by detangling your hair with your fingers, running them down through your extensions.When you comb the hair, please do it softly, it is better if you use a paddle brush or wide- tooth comb. Don't forget to brush the hair from the top to the bottom. You can hold the hair at the root while you combing to avoid tension.

Hair Washing Tips

Start styling sessions each day by detangling your hair with your fingers, running them down through your extensions.When washing your best hair extensions, be very gentle. you will want to completely avoid rubbing the hair weaves together as you might normally do with your natural hair.Washing regularly is a must when you have extensions as the oil deposits on the scalp can cause damage to the extensions and also lead to infections. 

Give your hair a rest.

Yes, not only am I saying you don’t have to style for supermodel hair, but that you shouldn’t style. Heat damage is real, people! Consistently using hot tools causes damage, breakage, and frizziness. Nothing can ruin supermodel hair like frizz!You can blow dry, straighten with a flat iron, dye with a hair dye, and style it as you would your own hair. Use heat in moderation. Do not use high temperatures.

Condition first, shampoo second.

In order for hair to be bouncy and full, it has to be totally free of any residue. If you shampoo last, the hair shaft is left a little pumped up for extra volume and it naturally creates a messy texture, while also ridding hair of any residue that could be preventing it from its full bouncy potential. If this dries out your hair too much or leaves it too rough, try putting conditioner on the dry clip in extensions before your shower (moisture penetrates dry hair better than wet), rinse it out, and then shampoo.

Get the proper hair care products

With the prior mentioned, we can’t say it enough – use proper hair care products. Forbid the junk lining the shelves at your local drugstore. Often times, they’re packed with toxins and chemicals that can ruin your front closures or lace frontal before you even get used to your new do. Always use sulfate-free hair care infused with safe and effective ingredients to keep your hair looking flawless, lush and hydrated.

More Tips To Follow

1.Wash and condition hair regularly.

2.Detangle hair gently before washing. Do not rub or twist hair.

3.Add mild shampoo to cool water and swish hair till clean. Rinse thoroughly.

4.Blot out excess water with a towel and allow hair to dry naturally. Do not expose to the sun.

5.Comb curly hair lace closure gently with your fingers. Do not brush.

6.Brush straighter hair in a downward motion straight with the ends. Work your way up to the roots.

7.Certain items should not be brushed. Consult your hair stylist if in doubt.

8.Hair may tangle if general care directions are not followed properly.

Having thick and long hair is a dream for every woman.Just like our skin, our scalp and hair need to be deep conditioned.Hope these hair care tips can make your lovely virgin hair extensions super soft, totally manageable and will make sure that your hair looks beautiful. If you still have any questions about hair care. Welcome to share your question with us. 

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