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Bald Cap Method: Beginner's Teaching Guide

Last updated Apr 26, 2024

If you want to look more natural when wearing a wig, then wearing a bald cap will be a good choice. In this article, I will introduce to you the bald cap method, what tools you need to prepare before wearing it, and the detailed steps for wearing it. I hope it will be helpful to you.

unice bald cap

What Is The Function Of Bald Cap Method

Bald caps are usually nylon or mesh caps that protect your hair and make the wig more comfortable to wear. After using a bald wig cap, the wig can be worn more snugly on the scalp, creating a seamless and natural look. Bald wig cap has a very wide range of applications and is most commonly used in lace wigs, such as lace front wigs, closure wigs, and full lace wigs. Below are some styling effects after wearing them.

stylish wigs

Photo credit: Alex Webster / Courtesy of Waeve

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Video: Wearing Instructions Suitable For Novices

For a novice, wearing a bald wig cap for the first time may not be an easy task. Here I want to show you a video of the bald cap method and final wig styling demonstrated by a beauty. You can also check this post to learn how to put on a wig cap.

Commonly Needed Tools

If you are a newbie, it will be very useful to have the following tools ready. These are very common tools, please follow our steps to prepare them properly.

Hair dryer: Blow dry your hair and scalp to ensure that the wig cap can be worn more firmly.

Hairspray or bonding spray: This is necessary to ensure that the wig stays in place throughout the day.

Bald cap: Choose a bald cap that suits your skin tone. It is best to have a darker color to make it more natural.

bald cap wig cap

Small scissors: used to trim excess after wearing.

Foundation: Choose a suitable pink color and apply it to make the color more natural.

Detailed Steps For Wearing A Bald Cap

Becoming a very proficient bald wig cap user may take some practice. Please don’t be intimidated by the following steps, you can easily get started with patience and action.

Step 1

Comb your natural hair, which can be braided, but be careful not to make the braids or buns too big or they will look bulky. Some of the popular braids include cornrows, twists, low buns, etc., which you can choose according to your hair length.

Step 2

Wear a wig that matches your skin tone Please choose a bald cap that matches your skin tone for a more realistic effect. Carefully pull the bald wig cap off and place it over your head, making sure to cover your entire scalp and hairline.

Step 3

Apply hairspray or styling spray around your hairline. You can choose your favorite styling products, but please do not use products you are allergic to. Be careful not to get the spray on your hair.

Apply hairspray

Step 4

Blow dry the spray or gel with cold air from a hair dryer. This may take a few minutes to dry completely.

Step 5

After the gel dries, trim enough holes above the ears on both sides to ensure that the ears can be exposed.

trim bald cap

Step 6

Again, apply glue or adhesive spray along the hairline where you want it to be positioned. Pay special attention to where the wig cap meets the ears to make the edges more natural.

Step 7

Use the cold air of a hair dryer to dry the glue. You can also wait for a while to dry for a stronger fit.

Step 8

Carefully trim away any excess material that is not held down by the gel. Start by cutting vertically from the middle of the forehead, then cut horizontally along each side. Using a zigzag motion will give better results than cutting in a straight line.

trim wig lace

Step 9

If you want to pursue a natural look, you can apply foundation on the edge of the bald head cap. This will also help hide any remaining glue residue.

melt bald cap

Step 10

Put on and secure your favorite wig. Now that you've done all the work, it's time to show off the final result!

brown wig

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