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All Information About Lemonade Braids

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Braids named after summer drinks? What exactly is that? We have the answer! The term "Lemonade Braids" emerged when Beyoncé released her album "Lemonade." Just like Beyoncé, the spokesperson of the braids, the lemonade braids are refreshing, sweet, and sour, satisfying thousands of women's pursuit and desire for beauty. Lemonade braids feature long ears of corn that go over the side of the head and cascade over the shoulders. If you like lemonade braids, you can wear them with or without extension. Let’s read on for more detailed information.

What Are Lemonade Braids?


Named after Beyoncé's "Lemonade Album" and designed by Kim Kimble, lemonade braids are very long ears of corn with a deep side part that make them layered over one shoulder. They're a braided "combo-deal" with a mix of some Fulani styles, some goddess braids, and lots of laid edges and feed-ins.

Lemonade braids are suitable for almost anyone. You can change hairstyles on the basis of lemonade braids to achieve a variety of styles and achieve your favorite look.

Who Wears Lemonade Braids?

Lemonade braids are the go-to term for Beyoncé-inspired hairstyles on popular fashion sites, YouTube videos, and hair salons. Rapper Nicki Minaj wore lemonade braids in pink tones in the music video for her 2018 song "MotorSport" with Migos and Cardi B. Part of the reason these braids are called Pink Lemonade Braids is that they were done by the same stylist as Beyoncé. Influenced by these celebrities, more and more women who love beauty begin to wear lemonade braids and hairstyles.


If you're wondering how great Beyoncé's hair looks in Lemonade, check out these different braids styles below, all inspired by the best clips from the music video anthology.

Different Lemonade Braids Hairstyles

1. Beyoncé Lemonade Braids


Lemon gold braids rock this classic style. Side parted, with a small blonde headband, the sun-kissed hair color complements the blond tones in your complexion nicely. Small braids with shells and beads are full of fashion.

2. Classic Lemonade Braids


It's great to use your lemonade braids for a new look, but you can't ditch the classic style. These micro braids feature traditional ears of corn with long locks swept to one side. This wonderful style will never go out of style and will serve you season after season.

3. Low Ponytail Lemonade Braids


A low ponytail is a great hairstyle option for women with lemonade braids, especially when it's hot and humid outside. Gather your lemonade braids near the nape and tie them into a low ponytail. Pair this stunning hairstyle with hoop earrings. Plus, wrap a bright thread around a few braids to make your low ponytail lemonade braids stand out.

4. Jumbo Lemonade Braids


Jumbo lemonade braids are the perfect style to protect and tame a thick mane. For ladies with thick curly hair, this statement style can be a dream come true, controlling your locks while looking great and stylish.

5. Topknot Lemonade Braids


On hot days, tying knots is a quick and lovely way to keep your hair from sticking to your face. Leave one strand in front of your face, a few in the back, and twist the rest of the braid into a bun at the top of your head. Secure any loose strands with bobby pins. Such a refreshing and cute hairstyle is complete!

6. Decorated Cornrows


Beyoncé's braids are simple enough to go with the overall theme of the video, but you might want to dress up your braids for a special occasion (or just because you want it). If this is the case, you can decorate your ears of corn with wire or braided ornaments.

7. Lemonade Braids With Wraps


Get creative and add a few wraps to your lemonade braids. You can try different patterns and thicknesses. This look is perfect for the holidays.

8. Pigtail Braids


In one of the scenes, Beyoncé wore her hair down in a pair of braided pigtails. She also had some bangs, which looked sultry. You can get a similar vibe by omitting your favorite strands.

9. Blonde Crown Braids


If you want to try regular cornrows, you can braid the front of your hair into a simple pattern. Blonde is also an amazing shade that can make you look elegant and beautiful.

10. Ebony Tree Braids


As a natural hairstyle with tree braids, ebony tree braids are derived from ears of corn. Ebony tree braids can provide the beauty of a braid or hair extension without the need for stitching or placing tracks on existing hair while being versatile.

11. Half-Up Box Braids


When you need a break from all the waving strands, you can always sweep them into a bun. But for the lemonade braid style, dropping half of the braids down for a more lively and vibrant look is yet another styling option.

12. Curly Ends


Maybe the "tough" look isn't for you and you want to be a little sexier. That's not a problem at all - you just curl the loose ends of the ears of corn to get all the "cuteness" you need. No one can resist the charm of curly ends, put on this hairstyle, and let's radiate the charm!

13. Statement Shells


If you want to steal the show, opt for this ultra-fine braided crown, half cornrow, half Fulani. Curl the rest into loose waves for an interesting contrast. Last but not least, fix some shells for a flavor comparable to Lemonade Braids.

14. Shuruba/Albaso


In the music video for "Emptiness," Beyoncé's hair falls, but she wears a dainty crown that looks very similar to traditional African braids. In particular, her look is reminiscent of the "Shruba" or "Albaso" style worn by Ethiopian and Eritrean women, a half-braided, half-drop hairstyle. In addition to their statement crowns, the two beauties also wore miniature ears of corn and natural hair.

15. Braided Pompadour


In the "Formation" part, Beyoncé's hair is pulled back in a pompadour-like style. You can achieve a similar look with voluminous roots and a single cornrow braid. Trust me, you can stand out from the crowd with a hairstyle like this!


From classic lemonade braids to cornrows to chunky ebony tree braids—Lemonade Braids come in all shapes and sizes. You can dress them up with bright colors, beads, small shells, colorful ropes, and other gadgets, as well as unique headbands. One thing is for sure: Lemonade braids of any style are sure to keep you on the cutting edge of fashion!


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