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How to Wash Lace Closures?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

How do you properly wash your hair when you have a sew-in weave with a silk/lace closure??? Many women who care about their beauty are confused about this problem. In fact, washing bundles hair weave with lace closure is a question if you bought them. Keep reading, you may get some help from this blog!

1. About hair closures.

2. How to clean lace closures hair weave?

3. Something you should know about lace closures and lace frontals.

1. About hair closures.

First, let's talk about what is lace closure?

A lace closure piece is a small piece of lace fabric, usually about 4*4", with individual strands of hair ventilated through and knotted directly to the lace. Silk closures have a layer of silk as well as a layer of lace. 

 lace closure

To give closure and frontal the appearance of growing out of one's scalp, the knots will need to be lightened by one of many techniques, the lace tinted to match the skin tone, and often a fabric placed underneath to mimic a scalp. 

Next, let's talk about the benefit of lace closures.

Lace closures with hair bundles are a fairly popular item for women who care about their hair. The flexibility and versatility of closures make them applicable for just about all types of hair, whether natural, scanty, permed or the less thrilling receding hairline.

pros and cons

Then, the cons of closure hair.

Due to the delicate nature of closures, it is important to take extra care to prevent damage in the form of balding. Balding is when your closure begins to have a spot where the hairs have come out of the base creating a balding appearance.

This can be caused by but is not limited to, excessive tugging, brushing/combing, scratching with fingernails or foreign objects, applying the product directly on the closure, rough handling, or vigorous washing.

Recently, we have received a lot of questions from people about how to care for their closure and how they can prevent balding. Many women are also concerned that closures will make them look "wiggy". We wanted to post this blog to help answer some of these questions. 

In order to keep lace closures looking and smelling great, we will need to do some maintenance periodically by washing and conditioning them. The steps below will show you how to maintain its luster and keep it clean without damaging the hair and lace base. 

How to clean lace closures hair weave?

How to clean lace closure hair weave?

1. Remove all glue and adhesive from the lace.

2. Comb out all tangles from the tips to the ends of the hair.

3. Fill a sink half full of cool water, and add a cup full of wig shampoo to the water.

4. Soak lace closure or lace frontal into the water for a few minutes.

5. Gently move it around in the water, and then lift it up.

6. Rinse all of the shampoos out of it.

7. Fill another sink half full of water, add a cap full of wig conditioner to cool water, and mix the conditioner in the water.

8. Soak the lace closure into the water and let it sit. Typically, you'll need to let curly and wavy lace closures sit a little longer than straight closures.

9. Gently move the lace closure in and out of the cool water.

10. Remove it from the sink.

11. Place it on a flat towel, fold part of the towel over the lace closure and gently pat the closure dry.

12. Let the lace closure air dry by placing it on a closure head.

Video of how to wash sew in hair


warm up

Closures while mimicking a real scalp, cannot be treated like a real scalp. You must handle it with care.

Each hair is individually ventilated into the base, knotted, and secured with a strong adhesive.

Based on the construction of a closure, you should comb/brush the hair from the ends, working your way up to the root while holding the hair at the root to prevent tension.

Hair loss on closures is relatively easy because it is not wefted like extensions.

Improper care of your closure will cause balding and unfortunately, there is no way to fix this.

3. Something you should know about lace closures and lace frontals.

You can see a lot of hair on the dealer's website such as lace closure and lace frontal closure, but have you wondered what is the difference between the types of hair? They both serve the same purpose, which is to close off an install. But they also have several differences between them, so the wash measure of them can't be the same.

So, you should know the difference between lace frontals and lace closures.

As mentioned, not all hair care products are created equally. It's imperative to not only know what lace frontals closure and lace closures are but to also know the differences between the two because the care requirements will be different.  

lace frontals and closure

For example, with lace closures, your hair will grow and you'll need to retouch it every couple of weeks.

With lace frontals, you will need to touch it up with weekly maintenance and upkeep.

That's only one example and there are many more. So, know the difference and you'll be able to determine which one is best for you – and for keeping a flawless look with the right kind of care.

It's vitally important for you to know how to wash your lace closures hair weave. It can be hard to spend your hard-earned paycheck on killer lace closures or ear-to-ear lace front closures if you have no idea why you're doing it. Obviously, you know you're going to look flawless but there are many benefits to shopping for quality hair care and wigs. Do your research, understand the benefits and commit to taking proper care of your hair.  

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