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6 Cool Hairstyles For Your Summer

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

The hot summer is around the corner, it feels bad when thinking of the sweaty hair going around the neck. But can the fashionable girls bear to spend the whole summer in a ponytail? Today UNice Hair Blog provides 6 kinds of different styles, different degrees of difficulty, but what the same is he can make us look cool and stylish!


cool hairstyle-01

STAY COOL TIP The great thing about frizz-yes, you read correctly-is that you can use the extra volume it imparts to create a bumped-up style like McCord's. Her hairstylist Steve Mason applied Kerastase Mousse Volumactivbefore blowing it dry with a middle part, directing extra air to the roots at the crown. He set the human hair bundles with hot rollers, making sure the curlers were pulled up and away from the face and then backcombed the roots at the crown. To finish? “Brush the top smooth, keep the center-part, and pull into a low ponytail,” Mason says. “Simple and elegant.”


cool hairstyle-02

Upgrade your basic ponytail to something so much edgier. Knot and pin the length of the tail into a series of loops, then tie it all off with a clear elastic.The lazy feeling of twisting the bun matches with the clip most.Clip in hair extensions is also attractive.


cool hairstyle-03

STAY COOL TIP On either side of your head, roll back the strands along your hairline, adding more hair as your work your way backward, just like you do with a French braid. (Tuck in a few pins if you find the twists are heavy and tipping forwards.) Wrap the two twists into an untidy bun and secure with pins and elastic. This style isn't meant to look prim, so don't worry about asymmetries or imperfections.


cool hairstyle-04

Don't hide your natural texture—embrace it. Slick down your roots to midlengths only, then tie off your hair into a basic low ponytail. The juxtaposition of the fuzzy curls against the sleek shine looks gorgeous for any occasion. If it is straight malaysian virgin hair you can choose shine spray.


cool hairstyle-05

STAY COOL TIP Union's hairstylist Kiyah Wright gave her hair a few twists around a curling iron with a one-inch barrel to give the ringlets bounce and shape, then pinned hair into a low updo. "This look is great for an evening on the town, or even for an formal event like a wedding," Wright said. "I let a few curls frame Gabrielle's face to create a soft effect, and used very little product aside from hairspray to set the look."


cool hairstyle-06

STAY COOL TIP According to Mark Townsend, who has worked with Minka Kelly, second day hair-that is, strands that aren't freshly washed-works best for a style like this. "That way, the hair isn't as slippery," he explains. A product like Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray also adds extra bulk and thickness, without the powdery residue of dry shampoo. 

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