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UNice Curly Hair Diary: 3B Hair Wash Day Routine

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

When it comes to hair care regimens, it's important to identify your hair types to make a specific plan according to different types of hair textures.

So hair type is quite useful for picking the right hair products or applying heat to process your natural hair. And other information, such as density, porosity also matters. But today we are here to offer some tips to take care of 3b hair for someone who has a 3B Hair Type.

What Is 3B Hair?

3B hair is a member of the curly hair family. The curls of 3B hair are tighter than type 2 hair but less curly than kinky curly hair. So the hair appears loose curls to bouncy ringlets most of the time, and it looks like having more volume than wavy hair and straight hair.

3B hair usually can stay curly and bouncy, which is good news for people who love curls. But 3B curly hair tends to get frizz and dryness, especially in fall and winter having dry and freezing cold air.

What Is My Hair Type?

The most common types of hair are categorized into four types:

Type 1 Hair (straight hair)

Type 2 Hair (wavy hair)

Type 3 Hair (curly hair)

Type 4 Hair (coily hair or kinky hair)

How To Properly Do A Wash Day For 3B Hair?

Choose a moisture shampoo. The 3B curly hair needs hydration, otherwise, it's easy to get dry and prone to breakage. And you need to constantly detangle this type of curly hair to keep those curls cute and neat.

3b curly hair bundles with closure

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1. Wet your hair and apply shampoo. Focus the very top of your head and towards the crown of the band area, bring the shampoo downward to detangle with the hairbrush.

3B Hair Wash Routine1

2. Apply conditioner focusing on the ends of the hair and continue detangling. Then fully rinse the build-ups out of your hair.

3B Hair Wash Routine2

3. Use a towel to soak out extra water of the hair and apply a leave-in conditioner. Then use a blow-dryer with a diffuser attachment to fully dry the weave and natural hair if you use sew-in hair bundles. Put the diffuser towards the head on top of the scalp for a while until the hair underneath the sew-ins is dry. But it may encourage frizz. Let the hair air dry if you don't like frizz.

3B Hair Wash Routine3

4. To keep up the beautiful 3B hair curls the next day. You can use a silk pillowcase to keep away from friction when sleeping with human hair bundles.

3B Hair Wash Routine4

5. And this routine you can do it about two to three times a week. And moisture is essential for 3B hair since it s curly hair, you can use a spray of water and apply the leave-in conditioner to bring your curls back to life.

3B Hair Wash Routine5

Here to watch the full tutorial about how to take care of your 3b hair:

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