Cooperation Method
We are looking for talented and professional hairstylists to cooperate in the development of new and fashion hair styles. Figuratively speaking, of course. For the selected creative hairstyles, will be rewarded with generous bonuses to the cooperative hairstylists, and will be widely promoted on our Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other major social media platforms. Our company thrives on team players with new perspectives and innovative thought. The following are several ways of cooperation. Welcome to consult.
Sales Promotion
The new hair styles developed by the hair stylist will be sold on the UNice Official website. At the beginning of each month, the hair stylist will be rewarded with certain percentage of the previous month’s sales.
Lump-Sum Type
The cooperative hair stylist shall develop at least a certain number of new hairstyles or new colors every month. And we will pay the rewards of the last month to the hair stylist at the beginning of each month. The more new hairstyles, the more rewards.
One-Time Buyout Type
We will pay certain amount of money for each new hairstyle to Obtain all authorization for this hairstylist ideas.

*Leave your information for our further cooperation.