You May Be Our Next Wig Influencer!

——UNice Free Sample Trial Invitation

Exclusive rights of UNice influencer

1.Get Free wig every month


2.Latest new product trial


3.Exclusive customer service


4.Signing a celebrity contract and maintain cooperation with UNice Hair.

      Do you want to become an internet celebrity?


      Do you want to get free wigs mailed by the brand every month?


      Do you want to be the first one to get new products every time?


      Do you want to become an internet celebrity but don’t know how to take the first step?


      What you should post to get more likes? 


      What you should post to get more likes? 


      How do you find your first follower and supporters?


      If you want to know the answer, keep reading……


The rules to become UNice wig influencer


1.One content published in the App get over 50 likes, you will get one chance for Social media recommendations to UNice’s millions of fans.


2.One content published in the App get over 100 likes, you will get one free wig and one chance for all Social media recommendations to UNice’s millions of fans.


3.People who post in App and one content published get over 100 likes, will also get the free sample trial chance. Besides, pay attention to the community's activities notice, and complete the product test according to our requirements, and you can continue to get the next Free Sample application opportunity!


4.The free sample for the event is limited, if you are not selected for the first time. Please contact us and continue to pay attention to our activities. Our goal is to give everyone equal chance!

All activity participants need to know:

The content released by your APP community has the opportunity to be selected as a selected content by us and show it to our users in various ways. You post in the app and grant us the right to use it.

What can you see in our community?

We find that some of our customers are really amazing!


They are really good at wig styling, choosing a wig that suits them, and wig installation. We want to provide a platform for all unice customers, where everyone can discuss any issues related to wigs. This is an open, shared, equal and friendly communication platform. Here, everyone can help each other and solve problems that have been bothering them for a long time.


If you still haven’t join us, do it right now!

How to take part in our Activity and Where to post?

Don’t forget to add #wiginfluencer in your content to join us!


We like the person who want to help each other in our community, if you don’t know what to do and you can click likes to all post you want to share and make more people see it.

What can you post to get more likes and followers? How To Grow On UNice App?



1.Wig installation skills


2.How to use wigs longer


3.How to choose the wig that suits you best?


4.How to make more hairstyles with your wigs?


5.Wig and fashion ootd matching method


6.How to make up with different wigs?


7.Show your own views of wig




(Search the vedio on UNice Hair App to learm more)