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The Beginner's Guide to Wig Cap

Last updated Mar 15, 2024

When you have found a perfect wig, it is time to invest in the best wig cap that can hold your wig in place while keeping your natural hair tucked away. Here you’ll find an introduction to wig cap materials and the features of each type, so you can choose the options that best suit your needs.

If you're a beginner who hasn't tried a human hair wig before, why not consider reading our beginner's guide about How To Put on a Wig and Make It Look Natural first?

If you've tried to put on a wig cap in the past but still aren't sure, please check out our blog post How to Put on a Wig Cap. Wearing a wig without a wig cap is also an option.

Before choosing the best wig cap to protect hair, let us learn what a wig cap is.

What Is A Wig Cap?

The wig cap is generally a small cap made of a type of nylon similar to that found in pantyhose. Besides, they often are made from different materials and in different colors, such as net, silk, cotton, sheer, blonde, and so on.

After being aware of the wig cap, then let us understand why we should wear a wig cap together.

Why Do You Need A Wig Cap?

1. Wearing a wig cap can help keep the natural hair under the wig cap clean as well, and the cap may also protect your natural hair from being rubbed and broken.

2. Wig caps can perfectly hide and smooth natural hair, thus giving you a natural look.

3. Wig caps can provide an extra layer of comfort between the wig and your head and protect skin and scalp, especially for people who are suffering from hair loss or have sensitive skin and scalp.

4. Wig caps can tightly secure any stray hairs underneath your wig, keeping them in place.

Different Materials Of Wig Cap

1. Nylon Wig Cap

nylon wig cap

If you have short or medium-length hair and plan to wear lace front wigs for a long time, please consider nylon caps since it is one of the best materials for the lace front wig cap, which can easily secure hair and prevent it from sticking out under your wigs. In addition, the material is thin, sheer, and breathable, even can create a more natural hairline. What is more important, it can form a thin barrier between your natural hair and wig, thus making you feel comfortable while keeping your head cool.

2. Mesh Wig Cap

mesh wig cap

Firstly, the mesh wig cap is very comfortable and convenient to use so users don’t face any difficulties. And it can save a lot of time.

Secondly, the mesh wig cap is available in different colors. No matter whether it is black, white, blonde, or ginger, it can blend in with their natural hair color.

Lastly, a mesh wig cap has an open mesh, allowing air to flow and the scalp to breathe, thus keeping your head cool and comfortable, stopping people from having an itchy scalp, especially suitable for warm or hot climates.

3. Bamboo Wig Cap

bamboo wig cap

If you’re currently undergoing chemotherapy, have sensitive skin or scalp, or have an irritated scalp due to wearing an HD lace wig, a bamboo wig cap could be the best lace wig cap to buy for you because it can help you immediate relief from hot, itchy wigs, or scratchy hats.

That is because a bamboo wig cap is lightweight, breathable, stretchier, and softer than a cotton wig cap, which can wick naturally moisture from your head to keep your skin dry, cool, and comfortable, thus giving you the ultimate comfort all year round! If you have a sensitive scalp, you may be best served by bamboo wig caps. These styles are softer and naturally wick away moisture. They're a good choice for those new to wearing wigs, as well as chemotherapy patients.

4. Spandex Wig Cap

spandex wig cap

If you prefer to wear a thicker wig cap, a spandex wig cap is a great option. It often has moisture-wicking features and features a sturdier construction, so it is durable and can hold up through quite a bit of wash and wear.

Furthermore, it is made with a breathable fabric that allows your hair to breathe. And it has an elastic band around it, making its contours a snug fit.

5. Cotton Wig Cap

cotton wig cap

A cotton wig cap can block direct contact between the wig and scalp, and increase your head circumference, thus making your hair wig more match to your head.

But for some people with partial or no hair loss, it is important to be wary of this material. After all, cotton is a very good absorbent. A cotton wig cap may draw the moisture out of your natural hair, causing it to become very dry. As well as this, cotton is abrasive and possibly damages your natural hair even further.

Note: The best method of cleaning a wig cap is generally hand washing and air drying. When washing your wig cap, let it soak for a few minutes in a warm soapy solution, then gently massage the caps to dislodge any buildup.

A sturdy mesh or cotton cap can be washed. But after many washes, it will stretch and become unusable. If it still maintains its intrinsic shape, you can still use it.

Tips To Choose The Best Wig Cap

1. Opt For A Lighter Wig Cap

As we all know the wig cap is usually made of stretchable fabric that easily fits over a head of any size. Don't forget to choose a lighter wig cap and not let it become a burden over your head.

2. Choose A Breathable Wig Cap

A breathable wig cap can allow airflow and give you some relief, especially for summer.

3. Select Soft Material

Keep in mind that the fabric of the wig cap must also be soft, comfortable, and suitable for sensitive skin. If possible, please use a wig cap that has a wideband that keeps the wig from slipping and does not grip the head too tight.

4. Pick Up A Good Quality Wig Cap

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. A good quality wig cap is soft and comfortable on the head, while a poor quality wig fabric may cause itching or redness on the scalp. If you often wear wigs, nothing is better than investing in a premium wig cap.

If you're on a budget, you can find sets of wig caps for less than $10 that only last through a few wears. Better-quality wig caps will cost closer to $15 and feature seamless designs. For high-quality wig caps that last the longest and hold hair the best, please be prepared to spend $25 or more.

5. Single Out The Proper Size Of Wig Cap

Too Tight a wig cap may lead to headaches, so take the tape to measure the size of your head. If you are interested in its actions, the How To Measure Your Head For A Wig guide will give you the most professional answer.

FAQ about Wig Cap:

Where To Buy Wig Cap?

You can buy a wig cap at your local beauty supply near you or purchase one online, such as Walmart, AliExpress, and so on.

What Color Wig Cap Should I Get?

When it comes to the color of the wig cap, we sincerely recommend you opt for neutral caps instead of dark brown or black color wig caps because they better match the color of your scalp.

In a word, each type of wig cap has pros and cons, all is up to your preference. If you have any questions, welcome to contact us or comment below.

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