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How To Store Wigs At Home?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

If you decide to give your scalp a rest or change to another wig, the unused wig, especially the human hair wig should be properly stored to keep it shiny and healthy.

And as part of a caring routine, properly storing your wig can keep your wig in good condition whether you use human hair wigs or synthetic wigs. Using the right way to store your wig can make sure your wig stays the regular style and prolong its lifespan, which can save your money to buy new wigs and free you from the mess of taking care of the styles when you reuse the wigs.

How To Store A Wig At Home?

These are the most common wig storage ideas.

1. Wig head

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Opting to store wigs on wig heads is the preferred method, as these heads are designed to resemble human heads and can effectively preserve the style and shape of the wig, regardless of whether it's human hair or a synthetic wig. If you have enough room in your closet or room, using wig heads to showcase your wig collection and style them appropriately is highly recommended.

2. Wig box

Wig Box

Wigs are fragile and can be easily damaged or tangled. Wig boxes provide a safe and protective environment for storing wigs, protecting them from dust, dirt, moisture, and other environmental factors to make them last a little longer. In addition, keeping wigs in a wig box helps with organization, storing them neatly in the wig box so that they are easier to find and access when needed.

3. Wig stand

Wig Stand

Using a wig stand is also one of the most common ways to store a wig. Providing a support structure for the wig prevents it from flattening or distorting and helps to hold the wig's original style and shape, ensuring that it looks great when you wear it. More importantly, storing your wig on a wig stand helps prevent tangles in the wig and keeps it in good condition.

4. Silk or satin wig bag

satin bags for wigs

Another common way to store wigs is to use silk and satin wig bags. Silk and satin are smooth, soft materials that minimize friction and prevent wigs from being crushed or deformed during storage, helping to retain them in style and shape. In addition, silk and satin wig bags act as a protective barrier to prevent dust, dirt, and other particles from accumulating on the wig, always keeping it clean and fresh.

Before Storing Your Wigs, there are things you should know

  • Wash Before Storing

Before you put away your wigs, cleaning is an essential part. Because there are dirt and sweat, you definitely do not want those dust to be in your storage cabin or box. This dirt and sweat can cause a smell and generate germs on your wig, and affect the looks and health of your wig.

  • Comb And Detangle

After washing the dirt, chemicals, and sweat, leave the hair air dry. In the next step, you can gently brush the wigs to detangle them with a wide-tooth comb. And don't forget to get the wigs fully dried, a damp wig can have molds in a sealed and windtight box or cabinet.

  • Avoid Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight can affect your wigs by dulling the color of your wigs. The heat and direct sunlight can cause your hair color to fade and sometimes break due to dryness.

  • Stay Away From Humidity

With the hostility from the high temperature and humidity, you need to pay more attention to the place you decide to store wigs. The hot weather is also not welcomed by wigs. Heat and humidity can affect the results of human hair wigs, especially colored wigs.

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The benefit of properly storing your unused wigs

1. Lifespan

Investing in a wig or hair extension can cost us a fortune. But with proper storage of the wigs, we can extend the longevity of the wigs. The long use term means that we can spend less money on purchasing a new one.

2. Style

Most of the wigs we buy come in a certain style, and the main reason for buying these wigs is probably we adore their styles. A proper way to store the wigs can keep their textures and styles. Having some wavy wigs or curly wigs is refreshing, but keep in mind the routine for maintenance, and take good care of the wigs when you decide to put them back into the box.

You can find out more about wigs care tips and the most common questions about wigs and hair bundles on our UNice blog section.

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