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How to Properly Towel Dry Your Hair?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

How to Properly Towel Dry Your Hair? When we wash our hair, we usually use various methods to dry it, such as letting it air dry, using a hair dryer to dry it, using a towel to dry it, etc. Usually, when it comes to towel drying, people think that it will cause damage to our hair, but this may not be true. Towel-drying wet hair in the wrong way can indeed cause hair breakage, but if you use it the right way, it can give you unexpected results. In today's article, we will show you how to towel dry your hair correctly, so give it a read.

What Is Towel Drying?


Towel drying is one of the ways to rid your hair of heat damage, which involves using a towel or any other absorbent material to gradually remove moisture from your hair after you wash and condition it, which helps preserve the lipids in your hair.

What Are The Advantages Of Towel Drying Your Hair?

Usually, we hear that towel drying our hair can damage our hair and make it frizzy, but that's because you're using the wrong method. If you use the right method, it can still be good for your hair. Do you want to know what are the benefits of towel drying your hair? Let's take a look at them.

1. Reduce heat damage to your hair


Air-drying hair is a time-consuming process, especially for thick and long hair, which can often be annoying. Most people, therefore, choose to blow dry their hair after washing it, but the heat generated by the hair dryer can again cause damage to the hair and leave it dry. If you choose to towel dry your hair after a shower, it will take less time to air dry your hair and you will also avoid the damage caused by the heat.

2. Reduce product buildup


Reducing product buildup is also one of the benefits of towel-drying your hair. In order to keep your hair safe from heat damage, you may use some heat protectants when you dry your hair with a blow dryer, and if they are not cleaned up, over time, they can form a build-up on your hair. And if you towel dries your hair the right way, not only will you throw away the heat protectant, but you will also avoid a lot of frizz, which can prevent product buildup on your scalp and hair.

3. Save money

Saving money is also one of the perks of towel-drying your hair. When you don't want your hair to dry itself, you use a hair dryer, which usually uses electricity, so you'll need to pay for it, and you might buy heat protectants, etc. to keep your hair from getting less damage. However, if you switch to towel-drying your hair, it only requires you to invest in a single towel. So you can save money by towel drying your hair compared to blow drying it.

How to Properly Towel Dry Your Hair?


Are you looking for the right way to towel dry your hair? Then you're in luck. Here, we will introduce you to how to dry your hair properly with a towel. Let's take a look!

Step 1: Have a soft towel ready.

When you decide to start towel-drying your hair, it's a good idea for you to have an extra soft towel on hand, rather than a rough, clumpy one. This is because using a softer towel will prevent tangles and breakage of your hair. When you use a soft towel, your hair cuticles will lay flat so they dry in nice, shiny waves or curls. When you use a rough towel, they are more likely to frizz.

Step 2: Gently squeeze wet hair with your hands.

When you've just finished washing your hair, divide it into sections and gently squeeze out the excess water with your hands. Don't wring it out, just gently squeeze to remove the dripping water so your hair will dry faster. Remember not to twist your hair because this can easily harm it.

Step 3: Dry your hair with a towel.

Grab a section of hair, then gently absorb the moisture from the roots all the way to the ends and squeeze with the towel. Do the same for the rest of your hair until your hair is towel dried. Your hair may not be completely dry, it will still be somewhat damp, but it will not drip anymore. However, you need to be aware that in order to avoid frizzing your hair, you are better off just gently absorbing the moisture with the towel and not rubbing your hair with it.

Step 4: Use the dry part of the towel to continue to absorb the dryness.

After wiping each section of hair with the towel, you can use a clean towel or the dry part of the towel to wipe it again. This step is not absolutely necessary, but it is a way to get your hair as close to completely dry as possible using only the towel.

Tips When Towel Drying Your Hair

1. Use microfiber towels.


When you feel like starting to towel your hair instead of blow drying it, it is best to choose to opt for a smooth and soft towel, such as using a microfiber towel designed to absorb water. Microfiber towels have finer strands than human hair and can quickly absorb more water, thus allowing your hair to dry faster.

2. Do not rub your hair.

Remember not to rub your hair while drying it with a towel, no matter how soft you think the towel is. Because rubbing can make your hair extra frizzy, dry, and even breakage. All you need to do is gently squeeze the moisture out of your hair with the towel.


After reading this article, you must have learned how to dry your hair properly with a towel. Now, go ahead and try this method. Of course, if you have other better methods, please share them with us in the comment section.

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