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How to Get Shag Haircut ?Be More Fashionable!

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

If there is anything that is in vogue forever, it has to be nostalgia and vintage. The fashion trends we are seeing today have more and more vintage elements. That must be mentioned also the Shag Haircut of the 70s.

Since 2019, layered hairstyles are becoming more and more popular, and the Shag Haircut's unique cut with its inherent rebelliousness has made it a favorite for decades. Today we'll expand on everything about the Shag Haircut.

What is Shag Haircut?

What is Shag Haircut?

The modern Shag Haircut features layers and facial frame shapes created with volume, waves and texture, but without making you look like you're wearing an 80's metal hairband. It works on almost all hair textures and lengths, but be careful not to layer too much or the style will look a little dated. No matter who we are when we get ready for a new hairstyle there are questions to consider, we will help you with this below.

How much does Shag Haircut cost?

Shag Haircut is a special type of haircut and the price can vary greatly depending on the experience of the stylist. If you go to a stylist who specializes in these styles, you may pay $200 or more for the cut, while those with inexperienced stylists may cause the haircut to fail, thus costing more in the long run. However, you can also get this style for $55 to $100.

How do I design a Shag Haircut?

The beauty of the Shag Haircut is its ability to accommodate almost any hair texture and length. Here are tips on how to style your hair according to texture.
Styling the Shag Haircut on fine to medium hair

Designing a Shag Haircut on fine to medium hair is all about adding texture and volume to avoid a soft style that lacks dimension. Use styling product and then lightly spray it on wet hair from root to tip, then blow dry hair with a brush.

Designing Shag Haircut on Thick Hair

When creating a shag haircut for thick hair, keeping the hair below the occipital bone straight helps avoid looking too bulky. Start by applying a generous amount of blow-dry cream or spray to the hair to reduce drying time and add beautiful shine, next, straighten the bottom. Smooth the remaining hair at a 90-degree angle to avoid adding too much texture at the roots. Then, add some bend with a curling iron. Then wait for the hair to cool before combing it through.

Styling Shag Haircut on Curly Hair

Modern Shag Haircuts are designed for people with curly hair. There are three rules to follow when designing a curly Shag Haircut: The first is to always add extra moisture to the hair (via a mask or moisturizing product), as dehydrated curls will appear curlier. Secondly, avoid using towels when drying your hair and instead opt for cotton t-shirts or microfiber towels. It's crucial to apply the product to wet hair and then let it dry naturally, or use a diffuser attachment on your hair dryer to speed up drying time and keep your curls defined.

How do I maintain Shag Haircut?

Similar to a bob or pixie cut, regular trimming is essential to maintain the desired length and shape of your Shag Haircut. There is no difference in maintenance between curly and straight hair textures, and it is best to groom between 6 and 8 weeks. If you are the type of person who likes change, you can extend this period to ten weeks to enjoy all the variations of this cut.

Is a straight or curly Shag Haircut better?

Is a straight or curly Shag Haircut better?

The answer is ...... both! As long as you are not at the extremes of either range (super curly or very thin hair), then a Shag Haircut is for you. As long as you find a stylist who is used to working with your specific hair texture to cut a Shag Haircut that works for you.

Do Shag Haircuts have bangs?

The classic coarse hairstyle has fringe bangs, however, this hairstyle has evolved into several other coarse hairstyles. If you want a coarse hair but don't like bangs, then go for longer, choppy layers around the face.

What is the difference between a shag haircut and a lob haircut?

The classic lob hairstyle is similar to a long bob, but the front is slightly longer than the back. It has fewer layers than the coarse hair and there are no bangs. On the other hand, the classic choppy has many choppy layers with fringe bangs.

Shag Haircut inspiration

Below, we have collected the best and most diverse Shag Haircuts in recent years, which we hope will inspire you.

1.The New Shag

the new shag is all about using softer layers to create a less choppy, more feminine cut while still retaining the shape and feel of a classic shag. This hairstyle features bangs, waves, and a lot of layers. You can make the length as long as you want.

2.Sleeker Shag

We love this modern take on the shag cut, which has less messiness and sleeker locks while still retaining the tousles and bangs. Use a smoothing serum or oil to style this haircut, which will come in handy once the hair is dry.

3.Old School

Old School

This is the closest thing we think anyone should come to a retro shag, and it's a pretty good resemblance with the slightest modern edge.

4.Shaggy Bob

Shaggy Bob

This French-inspired bob has bangs and is short in length, giving it a choppier shag look. This style flatters oval faces more than round or heart-shaped faces.

5.Shaggy Crop

Shaggy Crop

This modern crop cut has the choppy layers and bangs of a shag cut but in a slightly stacked, longer crop length. It's simple to wear while also making a statement.

6.Cropped Top

Cropped Top

This shag style, which keeps the top half of the layers very short to achieve volume and shape, is very practical!

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