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Why Does My Curly Hair Go Straight In Winter?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

When you typed this question in the search engine you must have noticed a change in your hair. Not only does your skin become dry during the dry winter months, but your hair also has various problems due to the cold weather outside and the dryness inside. Your hair doesn't seem to look as nice and curly as it does in the summer, so why does curly hair straighten in winter and what do we need to do to keep it looking curly? All your questions will be answered in this article.

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1. Why does curly hair straighten in winter? What is the solution?

1.1 Changes in humidity

Changes in humidity

First of all, humidity is the most obvious cause of your hair becoming frizzy and your curls straightening. The change in humidity comes from the weather we experience, from hot dry weather to cold wet weather, or even from humid to wet. To give a very seasonal example: the temperature outside is very cold, and indoors the air tends to be very dry. However, if you take a warm shower, especially in a very small shower room, the humidity in the shower room reaches 100%. When you blow dry and style your hair in such a humid environment and then expose it to other dry and cold environments, your hair will have a series of reflections. The following are the causes of the reflections.



Humidity refers to the concentration of water vapor in the air. As in the example given above, when you wash your hair in a cramped shower room, the water molecules in that space are present in the air at very high concentrations, up to 100% humidity. When you open the door to the shower room after showering and styling, you enter a completely different environment. When the new environment becomes cold, the hair undergoes a physical change.



The moisture, and heat contained in the hair diffuse into the air. Thus, as the moisture in your hair diffuses into the air, your hair will also become dry.

●Hair porosity

Hair porosity

The higher the porosity of your hair, the more cracks in the cuticle, and the more openings in your hair for absorbing and releasing moisture. And curly hair is especially susceptible to the effects of hair porosity because curly hair is naturally more porous than straight hair. This also means that when curly hair encounters opportunity, it absorbs as much moisture as it can. This causes your hair to absorb, swell and stretch. This is enough to explain why curly hair straightens in the winter. The high porosity of curly hair doesn't just change the shape of your hair, it also changes the texture of your hair.

-Solutions to changes in humidity

●Creating balance

Creating balance

After washing your hair, when it's very dry outside and very humid inside, you need to maintain a balance to keep the curl in place. If it is very dry outside, you can try styling your hair in a drier room without a shower. If it's very wet outside, style your hair in a very humid environment. If it's not very cold, it's highly recommended that you open the window to shower so that the internal environment can still find a balance with the external environment

●Use a humidifier or dehumidifier

Use a humidifier or dehumidifier

Using a humidifier or dehumidifier is more convenient and easier than showering with the windows open.

1.2 The current environment outside

the current environment outside

When the general environment outside is very cold, the air becomes very dry. When dryness, coldness, and wind mix together, items like your scarf, gloves, and sweater can lead to dry, breakable, straightened hair. And, in very cold weather, these warm items we just mentioned are a necessity, not only to keep you warm but also to protect your hair. When your hair is exposed to very dry air without any protection, it is very easy for curls to lose their moisture.

-Solutions to the current environment outside

Solutions to the current environment outside

In order to keep your hair curly and smooth while still keeping it warm, you need to give up some of the traditional wool and tweed hats and replace them with satin or silk hats. It will protect your hair from the dry air from the outside (becoming dry, tangled, and straight) and still make you look very attractive and lovely.

1.3 static electricity

static electricity

Static electricity is a problem for everyone in the fall and winter, especially if you wear a hat in the winter when static electricity is the biggest problem you need to solve. In the summer, your hair does not generate static electricity, while in the dry winter, static electricity is almost everywhere. The following are the causes of formation.

● Unbalanced charge.

Unbalanced charge.

Static electricity is what happens when two different objects rub against each other and create an exchange that leads to an unbalanced charge. Curly hair likes to give up its original electrons, and when wearing a hat your hat rubs against your curls, causing your hair to exchange electrons. This electron exchange causes electrons to collect on your hair, and these collected electrons will want to repel like magnets, so your hair will become frizzy and lose its curl. Materials such as polyester and nylon tend to hold a static charge, which causes objects to stick together. 100% cotton clothing will reduce static electricity generation.

-Solution to static electricity

●Keeping hair moist

Keeping hair moist

Keeping hair moist does not mean hydration. Keeping hair moist is about keeping it better sealed to keep it hydrated, i.e. controlling the movement of moisture in and out of the hair. Use deep conditioner as the first step, then use creams, foams, and mousse to style your hair, and finally oils, and sprays as the last step to keep your hair hydrated. This way your hair will be nourished, shiny and manageable.

●Make sure the last step is with closure

Make sure the last step is with closure

When applying any product, make sure that the last step is a sealing one. If you don't seal your hair, the moisture you add to your hair will just evaporate. So make sure that the last product you apply to your hair is a sealer.

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