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Twelve Beautiful and Versatile hair Ideas for Beach

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

A good season to go to the beach for having fun and relaxing is certainly summer when you can stroll at leisure and enjoy the gentle sea breeze with a bikini or beach dress along with the coast. Of course, you can take a camera to record your beauteous figure in the scenery of the sea and sky. However, only having a nice-looking dress and exquisite make-up is not enough. Then, I will recommend a few types of beautiful and easy beach hairstyles to you.

Beach Waves


Whether your hair is short, long, thick, or thin, the beach wave hairstyle is very natural, classic, and suits every event and occasion, whether formal or casual. You can imagine the picture that clear blue sea covers with golden waves rolling with the gentle ocean breeze and decorating with the remote islands and beautiful clouds. While you are walking on the beach by pairing the beach waves with a flowing dress, and hemline and hair flatter along with the soft sea wind. What a beautiful picture it is!Of course, choosing an FB30 body wave wig to design this beach curl hairstyle is a fantastic option, whose color will add some personality to your hair.

Half Bun


When it comes to beach hairstyles for long hair, a half bun always has the perfect score and is one of the easiest hairstyles to try out this summer. For example, it can readily combine with some braids and twists to create a unique look. Also, you can curl the fragmented hair on the forehead to achieve the effect of modifying face shapes, which are elegant and generous.

Top knot


The top knot is a great way to pull all of your hair away from your face and then put it together. In this case, it is comfortable and convenient when you plan to play some beach games. What’s more important, it also can perfectly display the curves of your neck with a sexy bikini and stole the crowd away.



What can be easier beach hairstyles for long hair than a cute ponytail? Ponytail hairstyles are not only for the gym but are very versatile, such as you can style a classy side ponytail or a chic high ponytail for both a night out with friends and relaxing in the sun during the day. Elevating a simple ponytail with cute accessories like a scrunchie, scarf, or headband is a fantastic styling option for you.

Fishtail Braid


If you have long hair and don’t want your hair to turn into knots in the wind or entangle in the water, the fishtail braid is the perfect choice for girls on the beach. Also, it tends to look better even though it gets a little messy, so you will be able to keep it all day. If it is possible, please try to embellish with small flowers or diamonds. And you can also use a lace part wig to create the beach braid hairstyle. Trust me, and you are sure to obtain some ideal pictures throughout the day with this hairstyle!

Flower Crown


At the thought of the hairstyle for the beach, what kind of beach hair is more tropical than putting a flower crown in your hair on the beach? No! You can take some photos with your friends or families for a sunny beach day by incorporating a flower crown or some colorful fresh flowers to an updo or braids, which can add subtle color, texture, and natural beauty to a beach day look. Here I sincerely recommend a lace front wig for you, which is 100% human hair and can be dyed, permed, bleached, or styled as natural as your own hair.

Ocean Hair Clips


There is an old saying that shells are a gift from the sea, and they have been popular with people since ancient times. Do you like finding seashells and starfish as in the ocean? Why not consider putting them into your hair? Whether your hair is long or short, straight or curl, you can use some delicate seashell and starfish accessories to clip back your hair so as to complete the best beach hairstyle. Besides, you also can add them to a low ponytail or braid, which is fabulous and impressive.

Headband hairstyles


As we all know, headbands are the perfect beach accessories, especially the sun, sea, and sand that will harm your hair on the beach. Also, headbands with diverting designs and bright colors will show the nice, clean contours of your face, which can help you stand out from the crowd and adds some distinct charm to you. You can use a UNice headband wig to achieve the best beach hairstyle. After all, the wig has a natural hairline and is natural and comfortable. I believe you will be outstanding and memorable with the wig.

Double Dutch bun


What can be more comfortable than a double bun on a hot summer day? There is no doubt that the answer is a double dutch bun. Furthermore, it is secure enough to use for sports or high-level activities, such as playing beach volleyball, flying a kite, splashing in the surf, and so on. You can try to add some dutch braids or cute hair barrettes for the double bun, which will be nifier and more lively.

Loose Wave with Straw Hat


No matter what you are going to do on the beach, protecting your face and head from the sun with a straw hat is always a good call. Just keeping the loose wave protective beach hairstyle with a big straw hat looks very stylish and cute.

Half Up and Half Down Bob


If your hair is short or medium, don’t worry about it. Nothing is more simple beach hairstyles for short hair than a half up and half down bob hairstyle. The only thing you need to do is to straight or curl your hair as simply as possible. You can add a bit of oomph to short hair by dressing it up with an elegant black velvety ribbon or a chic barrette. And, by wearing a T- part wig you also create the beach hairstyle for short hair and have an elegant and romantic look.

Space Bun


The space buns hairstyle is popular with most people in recent years and is also an alternative for girls who want to go out during the summer months. And, there is no easier way to add your style to a space buns hairstyle than with some fun hair ties, glitter, or scrunchies. These eye-catching hair accessories instantly bring a touch of personality to your good hairstyle for the beach and make it look more playful and unique. 

No season is more popular than summer, go to the beach with your friends and have a wonderful time together in a hurry. Don't forget the most important thing, give your hair a beautiful and versatile beach hairstyle and put on your bikini or beach dress!Let sex appeal along with the sea breeze on the entire beach!

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