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The Best Halloween Hairstyle Ideas To Complete Your Look In 2022

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Halloween is coming soon. Are you looking for Halloween hairstyles in 2022? Well, look no further! This blog hair for Halloween post is the perfect guide to finding the best hairstyles for Halloween that everyone will love in 2022. So go ahead and take a look below for some inspiration on our pick of the best Halloween hairstyle ideas for you!

Cruel De Vil From Cruella


There is no doubt that Halloween is one of the only holidays of the year when it is socially acceptable to play a movie or TV villain for a full 24 hours. When it comes to villains, we can not think of a more perfect villain than the infamous Cruella de Vil. Why not consider getting some inspiration from Cruella?

After all, Cruella’s half-black, half-white hair and signature red lip make for a scary Halloween hairstyle and costume, don’t you think? You can find a block-colored black-and-white wig everywhere and then pair it nicely with a sultry eye-makeup look. Believe us, the classic Cruella hairstyle never goes wrong with Halloween.

May you can opt for some human hair extensions to complete this cool Halloween hairstyle. All of our hair bundles are made of 100% virgin human hair so that can be dyed, permed, bleached, highlighted, straightened, or styled as your own hair according to your need.

Wanda Maximoff From Wanda Vision


If the plot of this show gives you a deep impression, you can honor Wanda Maximoff aka the Scarlet Witch with your Halloween costume and hairstyle this year. Just need to choose black pleather leggings, a red corset and a matching long-line coat is all you need. If you want to nail the entire look, please add a pair of red contact lenses and red gloves, too. For your hair, it would be better to use a curling wand to alternatively curl sections of hair towards and away from your face, then use a spray to give it a tousled and natural look.

You can purchase a ginger lace part wig to finish the easy Halloween hairstyle, too. After all, coloring hair is easy to cause damage to your natural hair and also requires too much maintenance and time.


Butterfly Clips


As nostalgic accessories, butterfly clips can keep all attention on your hair and elevate your look instantly. Besides, you can add them to any style, thus making you become the star of the show, such as curly hair, straight hair, half up half down, and so on. If it is possible, you can also add glitter or colored clip-in hair extensions to your hair in order to finish this cute hairstyle for Halloween.


Bubble Braids


No matter how plain your Halloween costumes are, the bubble braids can add more fun to your look and even take your Halloween costumes to the next level. Furthermore, bubble braids are very easy to complete by yourself. You can use different colors of elastics for a pop of color in the ponytail or match your outfit or your face mask of the day.


Nothing is better than to adorn a fun bubble pony with fake spiders to really get in the Halloween spirit.

Mermaid Braid


First of all, this glam mermaid braid would also be perfect for a princess or Catwoman look. And you can add color, hair extensions, or some interesting accessories to rock this mermaid hairstyle for Halloween.

For example, in the above picture, people use little rings with seashells and starfish to accessorize this mermaid braid. More importantly, it is an excellent look for daily life, too. What so versatile it is!

Flipped Bob


This year we have seen 60s hairstyles everywhere on runways, shows, and red carpets. What is more important, the hairstyle is super flattering on everyone and totally elevates a look. Now let us put the retro flipped bob integrated into Halloween for catching up with the trend. And it is one of the best Halloween hairstyles for short hair

Bambi With Double Knots


Do you want to go a more unique and cuter way to impress other people on Halloween? Do you remember the most touching cartoon called Bambi? Now finish a cute and sculpted deer makeup and double knots, and finally choose clothes that are similar to deer to create a more realistic Bambi look. Of course, you can also try other animal hairstyles, such as dog Halloween hairstyles, lion hairstyles for Halloween, cat hairstyles for Halloween, and so on.

Marilyn Monroe


When it comes to Marilyn Monroe, we will instantly think of her most famous look- Seven Year Itch. Why not consider dressing as everyone’s favorite Hollywood bombshell this Halloween? You can emulate her short and curly blonde hair, red lipstick, and white, halter neck dress for the most iconic look of the sexiest women.

Medusa Hairstyle Halloween 


You could create a crown braid or braid multiple sections of your hair, then secure these braids. Then start to incorporate rubber snakes into your braids and use some hairpins to hold them in place, and then let them peek out as you saw first. Just in this way, you can get a glamorous Halloween hairstyle for girls. Of course, you can pair it with cool makeup and a Greek goddess-style outfit to accomplish a more glamorous Medusa hairstyle.

Rockstar Volume

As we all know, the big volume curls are always popular, but they are especially popular on Halloween as the look can be applied to a variety of different costume ideas.

To get this hairstyle at home, you must create some serious volumes and curls. You can turn your hair upside down and spread it left and right to add extra volume and texture. Then use a half-inch curling iron to add so,e curls where needed. In the end, don’t forget to use a comb to brush your hair at the roots and run it through the hair for a glow.

Harley Quinn Hairstyles For Halloween 


This cute Halloween hairstyle doesn’t require any props or accessories, so it's perfect for anyone who is planning their look the night before Halloween.

Take two sections of your hair, spray them with a pink and blue temporary hair dye, then wrap them into these cute Lil buns. In the end, mist the ends of your hair to tie it all together.

Ariel Hairstyle For Halloween


If you’re looking for an easy, low-maintenance Halloween hairstyle, please opt for this Ariel look. For wigs wear, you can choose a burgundy wig and pin it with some super-cute starfish hair clips. 

Ice Queen Halloween Hairstyle


The chill Halloween hairstyle is easier to re-create than it looks. 

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