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How To Get Magnificent Blue And Purple Hair?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

If you're determined to make your hair stand out and make a lasting impression, blue and purple are two of the most vibrant and bright colors that will suit your personality and needs. Although very few women dare to try purple and blue hair, for those who are already excited about this new color, this blog will be your most comprehensive blue and purple hair color reference and coloring guide, I will show you the right way if you don't know how to dye your hair into the perfect mixture and have doubts about your hair.

1. How to achieve the perfect gradient of purple and blue hair?

●Tools to prepare for the dyeing process: a bottle of hair dye in the right color, a comb, a mixing bowl, a brush, a pair of gloves, and bleach for dark hair

●Things to note: First of all, find out if you want dark blue-violet hair or light blue-violet hair. Dark hair is best based on dark virgin hair so that you can achieve the most subdued color and also avoid bleach damage to your hair. If the color you want is a lighter shade of blue-purple hair and the virgin hair is dark, you will have to use bleach to bleach the pigment out of your hair. If you have light blonde hair, you don't need to bleach but be careful with the amount of dye and buy a lighter shade.

Step 1 Comb your hair

If you want the dye to stay in your hair longer, you can choose to dye it on dry hair, or you can follow the instructions on the dye and dye it on wet hair.

Step 2 Layering hair

How you layer your hair and how many layers depends on the coloring effect you want. If you want high gloss blue and purple hair, you will need to use tin foil to separate the hair from the bottom and gradually take out small sections of hair and brush on the dye, then wrap the hair in tin foil after brushing the dye.
If you prefer gradient blue and purple hair, then you need to divide your hair into top and bottom layers, choose purple at the top of your head, choose a blue and purple mixed color for the middle part of your hair, and choose blue at the end of your hair so that you can present the gradient effect of blue and purple hair more perfectly.

Step 3 Apply blue and purple dye

Put on gloves and put a towel around your neck to prevent the dye from soaking into your clothes. Starting at the top of your head, brush the blue dye evenly through your hair, starting at the roots and smoothing it through your hair with your gloves, using a comb to comb through the top of your hair if necessary.

Next, it is best to take out a new container to put the purple dye into, the old container still has the blue dye left in it, there is no need to rush to clean it because we will also use it in the following steps, but you will need to clean the brush.
Remove the dye brush and replace the gloves on your hands to brush the purple dye on the end part of your hair. To achieve a gradient of blue and purple hair, we can apply some of the purple dye from the bottom part to the blue hair above and comb through your hair from top to bottom to ensure that the dye is evenly distributed and a gradient effect is achieved on your hair.

Step 4 Styling

To achieve a better color effect, you can leave the blue and purple mixed color dye on your head for about 40 minutes before washing. The last step is to create any look you want, you can choose to curl your hair with a curling iron or straighten them and you have achieved perfect blue and purple hair.

2. How to make blue and purple hair last longer

The color blue and purple hair is bright and has a strong personality, but no matter what color it is, it will start to lose its shine over time. If you want blue and purple hair to last longer, you need to do something to protect the color if necessary so that it always retains its original shine and vibrancy

2.1 Try not to wash your hair too often.

No matter what you do, you need to know that the color of purple and blue hair will eventually wash out, and you need to do as much as possible to maintain it, such as reducing the frequency of washing hair, using color-care shampoos to reduce the loss of color in the hair and buying some color protection sprays, etc.

2.2 Buy special hair masks

Keep the color in your hair instead of letting it wash out. It is best to ask your hairstylist about the hair care products they recommend. You must also wash your hair with a special shampoo and conditioner for colored hair.

3. Conclusion

Blue-violet ombre is the art of applying color to your hair, they make you look more impressive and blue-violet ombre hair is also a way for you to express your position through your image.

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