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How Long Do Hd Wigs Last?You Must Read Before You Buy a HD Wig

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

HD lace wig has gained many good reputations after appearing. We have received many questions from our customers about this hottest HD lace wig, such as how long do HD wigs last? How do I make my HD lace wig last longer? Does Chemical Processing and Heat Shorten HD Wig Lifespan? All these questions are imperative for women who are interested in HD lace wigs. Read on to find out some of our answers!

HD lace wigs


  • Factors Impact The Life of A HD Wig
  • How long do HD wigs last?
  • How do I make my HD lace wig last longer?

1. Factors Impact The Life of A HD Wig

Many people want to know the exact answer about how long does human hair HD wigs last, There is no one exact answer to the question of how long do human hair HD wigs last.

There are many factors that ultimately impact the longevity of HD lace wigs. 

In general, the answer depends upon how often the wig owner wears the HD wigs as well as how the HD wig is cared for.

1. The Quality of the HD Lace Wig

1. Hair Material

When it comes to investing in the best wig, 100% virgin, human hair wigs offer the most longevity. This is because they aren't chemically processed, and the cuticles are still intact.

2. HD Wig Hair Color

The lighter the HD wig hair color, the more processing it requires from chemicals. Thus the lighter the hair, the more fragile the result of the wig.

3. HD Wig Hair Texture

Ditto for highly textured (wavy, curly, kinky, or similar) hair is used in 100% human hair wigs. Traditionally the darkest, straightest human hair used on 100% human hair wigs will last the longest.

4. HD Wig Hair Length

The shorter the hair on the 100% human hair wigs, the longer the wig will last.

2. How Well The Hd Lace Wig is Looked After 

1. Frequency Of Hd Wig Wear

Like anything else in life, the more you wear and use your 100% human hair HD lace wig, the faster it will wear out.

2. Overall Maintenance Wig Care

The more you wash it and style it, the faster the life of the wig will be ended. The more frequently you wear a wig, the fast it will wear out. That’s the truth, plain and simple. 

Most people who wear 100% human hair wigs will buy multiple wigs in either the same color and styles or the same color or different styles. It can help you extend the life of each wig by alternating the wear of each version on different days.

2. How long do HD wigs last? 

How long do human hair wigs last? Actually, there is no one exact answer. 

But you have known, the HD lace wig span life that will be up to the quality of the HD lace wig you got. If you got a quality HD lace wig, it would last longer. However, if you got a poor quality wig, that will be difficult to tell you how long it will be last.

Normally speaking, if you use undetectable HD lace front/closure wigs in a proper way, the HD lace wig will last at least eight months to one year under good care.

Just take care of the HD lace wig like your own hair, the better you cared for your transparent HD lace wigs, then it will last longer. Next part, we will show you how to extend the life of your transparent HD lace wig. 

In a very general answer, 100% human hair and lace wigs usually can last 1- 3 years. Taking good care of your wig is essential to prolong its life and make it worth the investment!

3. Care for Your Wig to Make It Last Longer

Follow all suggested combing, brushing, and styling suggestions.

1. Comb, brush, and style from the bottom up in small sections. Never pull or tug the HD lace wig’s hair unnecessarily. 

2. Wet And Dry Wash Human Hair HD Wigs According To Manufacturer’s Suggestions And INstruction. 

3. Always detangle wigs very carefully before wet washing. 

4. Use lukewarm, never hot water, to wet wash. 

5. Rinse carefully, but well, to remove the cleanser. 

6. Apply the suggested conditioner evenly with your fingers, leave the conditioner on the wig for 10–20 minutes, depending upon the manufacturer’s suggestions. Finally, rinse well in lukewarm to cool water. After all, 100% Human Hair Wigs Need Conditioners, Too.  

7. Wrap wet wig with a clean 100% all-cotton t-shirt or shammy. Avoid ruffling the wig hair. Carefully blot excess water from the wig surface. 

8. Allow the wig to air dry in a cool, well-ventilated place so that it can dry naturally. 

9. Do not use heat on a 100% human hair wig unless specifically approved by your professional wig stylist or manufacturer. If the wig is textured (wavy, curly, kinky, or similar) use the recommended styling tool. 

10. Store your HD wigs, when not being worn on an appropriate wig frame.

Choose the Right HD Wig for Longevity

More and more women choose HD lace because it is more see-through than normal lace, which can better melt into the scalp, and make the hairline look more natural and less visible. 

But Hd lace wigs are expensive to someone. So they are required to last for a long time. If you want to last your HD lace wig’s lifespan, the best way is to care for it to make it last longer.

Under normal conditions, 100% had lace human hair wigs will last six months to one year, but if you take good care of your 100% virgin human hair wigs, they can serve you a long time to about two years. If you want to know more effective ways to protect your human hair wigs, these articles-maybe can help you. 

1.100 Human Hair Material-Among these HD lace wigs are 100 percent human hair wigs, the upgrade HD lace human hair wigs with baby hair are highly welcomed by women all over the world.

2. Texture – Body wave human hair wigs. Due to the different types of human hair wigs, you have the choice of choosing a texture that resembles your own hair.

3. Deep Parting-5X5 lace can be divided into center, partial, can meet your various needs. Permeability is strong, Natural Color Can be dyed and bleached.

4. HD Lace High Definition Swiss Lace-using 2020 new trend swiss lace, it is more natural than medium brown lace blends well with the most hair weave and the perfect match to human scalp, easy to bleach and blend.

5. Styling versatility – Many human hair wigs can be styled, permed, and colored just like your own hair. If you wish to alter the color of your wig, we recommend taking it to a stylist who is experienced in dealing with human hair wigs.

6. Longevity – With proper care, human hair wigs can last a year or more when worn daily. 

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