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Heart Braid Hairstyle: The Latest '90s Beauty Trend For Black Girls

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Have you heard about the heart braids trend? Heart braids are an intricate braiding pattern, popularised in the '90s, that have begun trending in 2022 again. It is both extremely stunning and very easy to upkeep. If you're ready to try out the trend for yourself, please check out the guide on heart braids below!

What Are Heart Braid Hairstyles?


Just as the name suggests, heart braid hairstyles are braided hairstyles that commonly feature a heart shape design. The heart braid design otherwise known as the heart braids can be incorporated into different hairstyles like cornrows, lemonade braids, and more.

You can do the heart braid hairstyle on the sides, middle, or back of the head. The most common method that professional stylists used when doing heart braids is the stitch braiding technique. Most stylists usually opt for the criss cross design and incorporate the heart braid design to create intricate patterns which we must admit is typically a work of art.

How To Do Heart Braids

Before you start making heart braids, you need to prepare some necessary tools:

1. A wide-toothed comb;

2. A rat tail comb;

3. Some styling gel;

4. Two or three bundles of hair weaves;

5. Threads and needle;

6. some clips;

With these ready, you can follow the below steps to start braiding your hair into heart braids.

Step 1 Prepare And Comb Hair

First of all, you had better clean your hair with high-quality shampoo and conditioner and dry your hair with a towel. Then take a wide-toothed comb to brush hair to remove any possible tangles.

Step 2 Do An Outline Of A Heart Braid

Figure out where you want the love heart shape design to be. As mentioned earlier, this could be at the side of the head, back, the whole head, or the middle.

After you figure that out, you’ll need to do an outline using your rat tail comb.

If you prefer the heart braid design will be at the side of the head, place the comb at the center of your eyebrows to get an idea of the outline and part the hair into a c-type shape.

The first one will be a round c but the next one will be a c shape that goes all the way down to where the ear starts. At this point, you should be able to see the heart form.

Notice:  The bigger heart shapes tend to look better and pop more because the curve is usually defined.

If possible, twist the hair at the center of the heart shape to make sure you have the perfect heart shape design.

Notice:  The side of the heart where the hairline is should naturally form a point, unlike the other one where you get a defined point by carefully parting a round c shape.

Step 3 Apply To Some Styling Gel

The next step is to use some clips to secure the rest of your hair so that it won’t get in the way of making heart braids. Don't forget to apply some styling gel to the parted heart shape design and go over it again with a comb, which makes your heart braid outline look very clean and neat.

Step 4 Part The Hair Diagonally

Once you’re satisfied with the heart shape, use the end of a rat-tail comb to part the heart-shaped hair down the middle, and also apply some gel on the sectioned line.

Keep in mind that you should have got two half hearts of the same size.

Step 5 Braid Hair Into A Heart Braid

Pin one side of the heart that you sectioned into two parts up and start working on the outermost one.

In order to get the part of the heart that curves, it is best to part the hair diagonally starting at the outermost point of that side, and make sure you don’t part diagonally too far down at the same time.

Next, start braiding the heart shape from the inner corner and move upwards until you get to the end of the diagonal part. During the process, you need to keep changing the direction of your hand in order to get a smooth and perfect heart shape.

Step 6 Add Hair Bundles

As we all know, the part where you connect the diagonal section to the hair at the bottom. Remember to only use small bits of braiding hair so that the heart shape doesn’t look too bulky.

Step 7 Repeat The Above Action And Connect The Two Ends Of The Braids

Repeat the above action to finish the other half of the heart braid hairstyle. In the end, connect two ends of the heart braids using a thread and needle. Of course, you can opt to braid them together instead of sewing them.

Some Extra Tips About How To Create Heart Braids

Ready to make this cool style your own style? These two tips will help make the process so much easier.

1.  Use a sulfate-free shampoo to wash your hair to remove buildup on your strands and scalp. It is a key prep step before braiding. Just make sure you’re using a sulfate-free shampoo—it’ll gently cleanse without stripping away your hair’s natural oils.

2.  Show your scalp some love to get healthy hair and cute braids! we sincerely recommend keeping yours balanced and well moisturized with a scalp serum or oil, either in a spray or dropper format.

Heart Braid Hairstyle Ideas For Black Women

By reading the above tutorial, we believe you have already learned how to do the heart braid. Here we especially round up different heart braid hairstyle ideas for black women that you should try boldly. Keep reading!

1. Cornrow Heart Braid


2. Double Heart Cornrow Braids


3. Red Heart Braids


4. Two-tone Braids With Heart Design


5. Pink Heart Braid


6. Braided Heart In The Front Of The Hairstyle


7. Criss-cross Braids And Blonde Ends


8. Blonde braids with dark roots


9. Spiral Curls With Heart Braids


10. Lemonade Heart Braids


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