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Customer Review: UNice Bye-Bye Knots Wig 7x5 Glueless Lace Body Wave Wig

Last updated Mar 22, 2024

Are you seeking a lace wig that is capable of providing a seamless skin-melting effect? Do you desire the lace wig to complement your natural complexion perfectly? Then UNice 7x5 Bye-Bye Knots Wig is perfect for you. Bye-bye knots wig (UNice Original) is an innovative invisible bleached lace wig with 7x5 Lace, pre-plucked Hairline, pre-cut Lace, etc. With the ready-to-wear design, it is glueless and easy to wear.

In today's article, we will introduce one of the best-selling UNice 7x5 Bye-Bye Knots wigs – UNice Bye-bye Knots wig 7x5 glueless lace body wave wigs, such as its detailed information, customer reviews, etc. So continue reading to determine whether this wig is really worth buying.

UNice Bye-Bye Knots Wig 7x5 Glueless Lace Body Wave Wig

UNice Bye-Bye Knots Wig Body Wave Features Pre-bleached Knots, Pre-Plucked Hairline, And Pre-cut Lace, Giving You A Comfortable Wig Installation Experience And A More Natural Look.

◆ Say Goodbye to Poorly Designed Unnatural Wig.

◆ Pre-bleached Clean and Invisible Wig Knots.

◆ 7x5 Upgrade Larger Lace Closure Promises Versatile Styling Choices.

◆ Pre-plucked Hairline and Pre-cut Lace Beginner's Favorite.

◆ 100% Premium Human Hair Glueless & Effortless Wig.

◆ Breathable Wig Cap for Improving Ventilation Between Scalp and Air.

The Extraordinary Features Of UNice Bye-Bye Knots Wig 7x5 Glueless Lace Body Wave Wig

After learning all there is to know about the UNice Bye-bye Knots wig 7x5 glueless lace body wave wig, let's examine its extraordinary characteristics.

1. Hand Bleached Knots

Hand Bleached Knots

A meticulous four-step bleaching process ensures knotless lace, avoiding over-processing.

2. The Golden Lace Ratio

Golden Lace Ratio

Extensive measurements of over 100 head shapes have resulted in a 7x5 measurement that provides customizable coverage for all head sizes, eliminating the discomfort of ill-fitting wigs.

3. Invisible U-Line Pre-cut Lace

Invisible U-Line Pre-cut Lace

Neatly trimmed zigzag lace designed to mimic the natural hairline reduces the chance of visible lines or rough edges.

4. 100% Glueless

100% Glueless

Equipped with a built-in sling comb and adjustable straps, this wig requires no adhesives and provides a breathable, comfortable fit.

5. Ready To Wear

The pre-plucked hairline mimics a natural hairline, complete with baby hair for added authenticity.

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Customers Comments

Next, we will show you some real experiences and comments from customers.

The Reviews From YouTube Celebrity MsPreciousMarie

If you are looking for a glue-free installation, this UNice 7x5 golden ratio and pre-style hairline wigwig is the way to go. You can see the knots come fully bleached, so you do not have to worry about those pesky knots in the cap, and you can enjoy a comfortable and seamless integration.

Also, this wig features pre-cut lace and baby hair and an air cap that has an adjustable band so you can adjust it and wear combs to keep it secure.

More importantly, compared with the large-area lace frontal, the wig features a 7x5 lace area, so you can do a deep parting or side parting seam based on your needs and preferences

The Reviews From YouTube Celebrity Caroline A.

I did not do any customization at all—I did not pluck or bleach it even. You can see the baby hairs already came pre-made, I only need to put it on my head. Now I cannot wait to show you guys.

This bye-bye knots wig is from UNice Hair, we can first see this packaging was so cute. This wig is to be pre-plucked, bleached, and fully customized. Also, this wig can be secured safely—it has clips on the sides and the back, which help it stick to your skin along with the adjustable elastic band in the back, so it's a very secure glueless wig. This Bye-bye knots wig instantly provides the perfect everyday wig for beginners.

The Reviews From Customers


I purchased the Bye-Bye Knots Honey Blonde Body Wave unit! I absolutely love love love this unit! I took this unit to my stylist for customization, as I normally do prior to my appointment. My stylist did not have to bleach the knots or pluck the hairline! This unit is exactly as described on the UNice site! There are so many things that I love about this unit!


I love that the Bye-Bye Knots units have invisible pre-bleached knots, the hairline is pre-plucked, the lace is pre-cut, and I love that the cap is breathable. There was no shedding, and the installation was quick! UNice, you have outdone yourself! I am so happy with this unit and can't wait to purchase another Bye-Bye Knots unit! I definitely give this baby a 10!


Perfect for a wig novice like me, just as described, pre-cut Lace, pre-plucked hairline!! so I definitely recommend it to any avid hair or wig wearers lol.


After reading this article, If you are interested in the Bye-bye Knots wig 7x5 glueless lace body wave wig, you can consider purchasing it. Additionally, if you prefer other types of wigs, you can click here to choose from a variety of options. More importantly, if you have any questions or concerns, our customer care team is available to provide you with knowledgeable responses.

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