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Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Independence Day celebrates freedom. And how do you celebrate America's Day of Independence day, especially if you're a Black American?

Many women like to wear new human hairstyles to celebrate Independence Day. UNICE Hair would like to launch a big discount activity to celebrate Independence Day together with our customers. 

UNice 2022 Independence Day Deals


Time:3rd, July- 7th,July,2023

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5 Fashion Hairstyles for Independence Day 

Independence Day has largely become a day for a barbecue, it is an important day to celebrate the founding of this great nation.

Whether you're getting ready to attend a workshop, concert, keynote address, & Ancestor Reverence Drumming & Dance, having the perfect hairstyle is an absolute must.to enjoy Independence Day to the fullest, here are some of hairstyle ideas: 

1. Wear and go headband wig

Just several days left to celebrate Independence Day and while we know patriotism is in our blood, let's show it in our hairstyle as well. The first we want to recommend you is a headband wig:

Headband wigs are best suitable for any type of hair and any texture and are capable of covering large bald areas, scares giving the wearer the best possible natural look. With good looks, these headband wigs are very quick and customer-friendly to use as no lace or glue is involved. 

2. HD lace wig

Each year, we become all the more patriotic on Independence Day. This year the country will be celebrating the

245 years of Independence. And while patriotism will run in our blood, why not show it on our hair too? You can try a hd lace wig.

HD lace is a royal lace material that used to be called Swiss lace, and which is invisible when applied to the scalp. This ensures that the wig-wearer can have an exposed hairline, which looks very natural and renders the lace along the hairline highly undetectable.

3. Lace part wig

What better to begin Independence Day Celebrations than to apply a comfortable and good-looking hairstyle? So you can choose a lace part wig.

If you are a new wig wearer, afraid of the complex installation, we think the lace part wigs will be suitable for you.  

If you have some worries about the price but still want to have a high-quality wig, then we recommend you buy the lace part wigs. Lace wigs are softer than other wigs which don't have lace. Therefore, even if lace part wigs are good wigs.

4. Lace front wig

You can choose a lace front wig to demonstrate your real nature and stand out from the group this gathering season with amazing attractive hairstyles.

Wearing a lace front wig can give your hair a break from daily maintenance routines that may cause damage and weaken the hair such as heat, breakages, chemicals, etc.

You can try different styles.

Besides, a lace front wig is cheaper than a full lace wig, and a 360 lace frontal wig, it can save money for you! 

5. Hair bundles sew in

So, even if you are planning to hang out with your

friends to enjoy the celebration of a pool party, a hair bundle sew-in should be on your list.

 Of course, if you are going to swim the first choice is to wear the weave, If you are going to use a hair weave when swimming, choose virgin hair. You know virgin hair is very close to our natural hair. We have a few options that are 100 human hair.

Let's celebrate Independence Day at UNice hair mall with our biggest hair sale of the summer! We have the biggest discount at our Independence Day Sale to help you to get the best quality Remy human hair, so whether you’re looking for the best human hair products with the lowest price to change your look, our Independence Day sale is sure to tempt you. 

Shop for independence day at UNice!!!

To find the perfect fit, you might want to compare the various options in terms of hair texture and color. Count on suppliers such as UNice Hair Company for the best hair bundle deals that allow you to achieve the look you want. 

Want more different hairstyles? You can get more charming hairstyles if your want, no matter loose wave hair or bob wig, UNice Mall can help you create a new look all your own, and transform your entire appearance with natural-looking, affordable human hair weave bundles, and extensions. 

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