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8 Tips to Save Money on Hair and Beauty

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

how to save money on hair and beauty

The truth is that your personal appearance can make a huge difference in your finances. When you look and feel attractive, you have more self-confidence.

However, maintaining a beauty will cost much money, particularly if you regularly try different types of beauty services or patronize high-end salons.

You think it's impossible to buy the latest fashion trends at an affordable price? Think again! Learn these helpful 9 shopping tips to stay on budget and looking fabulous all year long!

1.Shop at The Right Time

Retailers must make room for new products by unloading their existing inventory. Study industry trends to determine when retailers mark down items as they try to clear room for new products. For example, clothing retailers tend to discount summer clothing as autumn approaches, making late summer a great time to shop for swimsuits and other warm weather apparel.

big sale

Purchase during Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a natural hair junkie goldmine. During this time of year, hair product prices are extremely affordable. I only purchase from companies that are having a 45% off or higher though.

2.Embrace Coupons

While national retailers may be unlikely to offer customers coupons, many small local businesses still utilize coupons to compel shoppers to visit their stores.


Use Bloggers and Youtubers Discount Code:

A lot of bloggers and YouTubers have discounted coupons just for there subscribers when you use their affiliate link to make a purchase. Sure they get a small percentage of what you purchase, but you also save money on the prices at no cost to you.

3.Social Media Savings

With Facebook’s increasing popularity among the masses, more and more companies—including grocery stores—are jumping on the social media bandwagon.


Consumers can check out some brand’s website or Facebook page, as they may discover a great online deal. Facebook giveaways, even writing the companies, may yield you freebies or coupons.

4.Plan Ahead

Planning ahead can be an economical way to not only reduce waste but also make the most of the money spent on hair and beauty.

Being a savvy shopper may take a little time, a bit of planning, and a little knowledge, but the rewards are tremendous. There are lots of ways to save money.Planing ahead that can be used frequently to trim the budget, give back to the community, and plan for the future.

5.Try Negotiating

There was a time when negotiation was a big part of the shopping experience. While that time has long since passed, many retailers, particularly small, locally owned businesses, may be open to negotiation.

Try Negotiating

Small business owners can often be found working in their stores, so budget-conscious shoppers should not hesitate to speak with business owners or managers in an effort to negotiate sale prices.

6.Be Flexible

Be Flexible

If a certain item just won’t fit into your budget, try to be flexible and find a similar item that’s more affordable. When purchasing big-ticket items such as appliances, apply this approach by looking for last year’s models instead of the newest models on the market.

Last year’s models might still be an upgrade over your existing items, and retailers tend to greatly reduce prices once new models are introduced to the market.


You will always save more money by making your own products. No, you don’t have to become a scientist or make everything you need for your hair.


You can make protein treatments, shampoos, conditioners and just about everything you need to maintain healthy natural hair. There are tons of recipes available for the DIYers so don’t feel you have to pay an arm and a leg for your hair.

8.The most important:Buy What You Need:

Just because your favorite YouTuber uses a ton of hair products doesn’t mean you have too. If you have a combination of hair or products that work then continue using them and try products when you want to.

Despite our hair not being as important as keeping the lights on and keeping gas in the car, it’s still a necessity that requires upkeep and products.You can follow above tips that allow you to take care of your hair without hurting your wallet.

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