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The Most Popular Hair Bundles In Summer

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

As is well known, there are all kinds of human hair bundles and hair extensions for girls to opt for in the market. Are you already dazzled and hesitating about which one to choose? When it comes to the hair business, it is very important for customers to provide the most professional advice. In order to help you, we specially select the most popular hair bundles in summer for you after reviewing recent sales. 

Before discussing the most popular hair bundles in summer, we firstly define the hair bundles.

What Are The Hair Bundles?


In fact, hair bundles are a collection of high-quality hair extension wefts that have been tied up together, often used for adding length and volume to your natural hair and commonly sold by hair vendors specializing in virgin hair. And the most popular types of human hair bundles are Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, Peruvian hair, Indian hair in the market now.


There is no doubt that Brazilian hair is one of the most sought hair types in the world. And virgin Brazilian hair is all made of 100% human hair and free of any chemical and colorant, thus keeping all of the cuticles be in the same direction and in the original healthy condition. Therefore, you will keep away from these things such as twisting, tangling, wrapping, or shedding.

If you want to get a natural look, the Brazilian silky straight hair bundles are a great option for you. After all, silky straight hair will never go out of style. Besides, there are many ways to cut or style these kinds of hair bundles. When you want to go for a straight long hair look, you can pick up some long-length Brazilian hair bundles to achieve this goal. Otherwise, you can also choose short-length Brazilian silky straight hair bundles to style a classic bob hairstyle. What is more important, these hair bundles can last up to a year or more with proper care.


If you are tired of dull black natural hair, why not consider rocking some colored hair bundles to change a different style? The FB30 hair bundles are our hot-selling hair product and even gain many praises from the customers and fans. And it is the most popular curl pattern of hair extensions by far. There are 8-30 inch available for you to select.

With these colored bundles, you can straighten, curl, dye, bleach according to your preference. Or you can design these colored hair bundles into all kinds of hairstyles, such as side braid, ponytail, low bun, and so on. You can imagine that when you walk on the beach, nothing is better than long and curly hair, which can completely show you feminine charm and confidence. More importantly, the wigs are low-maintenance and more versatile. Of course, ow maintenance means you will save much time and money on styling and maintaining.


We sincerely recommend these water wave hair bundles to you. First of all, Brazilian water wave hair has a lot of volumes and is very soft, which can blend perfectly with your natural hair textures. If you’re looking for thick and silky hair, these water wave bundles are the ideal choice for You!

Secondly, these water wave hair weaves are lightweight and even about two or three times lighter than human hair wigs. Many women ever complained that human hair wigs are very bulky and often make them feel heavy, and uncomfortable on hot days. Therefore, it would be better to purchase water wave hair weaves to keep chill and have a perfect hairstyle in hot summer.

Furthermore, the hair waves also are easy to carry with and even don’t take up too much space for your suitcase so that they are very suitable for long trips and vacations. And they are extremely easy to manage and remove, thus saving you too much time and reducing the trouble of styling in the morning or in the process of travel.


HD lace closures are thin, soft, natural, and easy to match any skin tone perfectly. In addition, the invisible HD lace closures can allow you to have a natural flawless hairline and protect your natural hair. You could use HD lace closure with three or four hair bundles to sew in an HD lace human hair wig, which is more natural, comfortable, and breathable.

What is more important, it is more affordable than a high-quality HD lace wig so as to fit for those people who don’t have too much budget. Of course, they are suitable for any occasion whether it is formal or casual, for example, wedding, party, travel, and so on.

If you are interested, you can watch the video and learn about how to sew in hair bundles and lace closure.

What do you think of these popular hair bundles in summer? Pick up one to show your beauty in this hot summer!

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