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How to Part Your Hair with Hair Extensions

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Do you want a simple way to change your look? Try to change the way of parting your hair. After all, the proper way of parting your hair will highlight the strengths of your face and best of all, give you an instant makeover. There are some detailed tutorials about how to part your hair with hair extensions for you.

How To Create A Middle Part With Hair Extensions

There is no doubt that a middle part or a center part is the easiest and quickest way to part your hair whether you install a human hair wig or some human hair bundles. And if you have a round face, it is a good choice for you to create a middle part. However, a middle part or a center part doesn’t look very natural as you thought. In order to create a perfect middle part or center part, please follow these steps.

Step 1: Divide your hair into two even sections along your hairline. Place your finger at the middle of your hairline from the middle of your forehead to make sure it aligns with the tip of your nose, and then use your finger to separate your hair into two equal parts along the hairline.

Step 2: Continue to part your hair into two sections. Then use your finger to separate your hair into two sections along the hairline until it reaches the top of your head. If you have many baby hair around the hairline, remember to part them and create a soft and basic part that is suitable for formal or professional looks.


Step 3: Use the tip of the rat tail comb to part your hair to create a precise line. Besides, you can also use your fingers in placeof the rat tail comb to part your hair. Place the tip of the rat tail comb at the middle part of your hairline, draw a straight line at the center of your crown, and then remove the comb when reaching your crown. Don’t forget to comb your hair to get a clean and defined part and avoid any tangles.

Step 4: Style your hair. You could use some gel or hair spray to style your hair to make your hair look more even. What is more important, a middle part is versatile, you could using some curly hair bundles to add some curls or design a classic ponytail to get different styles.

How To Create A Side Part With Hair Extensions

The side part is a classic and trendy way to part your hair, which can easily give off a sexy and elegant vibe, especially matching with loose waves. And it is also suitable for those people who have square or diamond face shapes as it can soften the angles of their faces. If you know how to make a middle part, then you will definitely be aware of how to create a side part. That is because creating a side part is similar to creating a middle part.

Step 1: Use a comb to brush your hair. Before parting your hair, you had better use a comb to brush your hair weaves gently and patiently to prevent your hair from any tangles or knots.


Step 2: Create a side part. Hold the comb to the highest part of your eyebrow, and start to flip the bulk of your hair to one side above it.

Step 3: Use a comb to create a straight line. You could use a comb to part your hair into two sections according to the line.

Step 4: Flip your hair to get a side part. In order to get a natural side part, you can make the hair a little messy and let hair naturally fall across your face.

How To Create A Deep Side Part With Hair Extensions

A deep side part is an elevated and perfect look for most girls. And a deep side part with waves or curls will be an excellent look for wedding, party, working, dating, and other occasions, whether formal or casual. What is more important, almost anyone with any kind of hairstyle can use the deep side part to add style and vitality to their look. Now let us keep reading the step-by-step tutorial.

Step 1: Before parting your hair, first wash your hair and make sure your hair is clean and half-dry.

Step 2: Place the comb in the highest part of your eyebrow and use your finger to try which side is better. If you want to get an edgier look, you can create a deeper side part according to your preference.

Step 3: Use a comb to create a straight line. In order to get a straight line, you had better use a comb instead of your finger to brush your hair. Then use the corner of the comb to part hair along a straight line.


Step 4: Run back your hair along the straight line. If you want to gain a natural look, you could use a hair dryer to blow dry your hair and make your hair a little messy.

Step 5: Style the side part. You can curl your hair in voluptuous waves to make your hair look sexy and stylish; if you have short hair, you don’t need to leave obvious the hairline, just put the radian of bangs after dialing one side naturally.

Step 6: Use hair product to keep the deep side part in place. If you want to hold the deep side part or waves, you could apply some hair spray or styling gel to your hair. Whatever hair product you use will keep your hair amazing all day!

You can style a middle part, side part, or deep side part with hair extensions to easily add extra length or volume, which also can hide the hair bundles to get a natural look. In addition, human hair weaves are more and more popular among women as they are affordable and convenient. And they can be dyed, permed, bleached, highlighted, straightened, or styled as your own hair according to your need. What convenient they are!


Besides, we also offer high-quality human hair wigs, for example, HD lace wigs, lace front wigs, headband wigs, bob wigs, and so on. They are comfortable and bouncy, and can part any way according to your need.



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