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How To Ombre Hair DIY

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Ombre hair prevails and picks up momentum among celebrities and fashionable women of color recent years.Virgin ombre hair weave not only can add volume to women’s thinning hair,but also provide more flexible styling and various colors.With so many benefits and styles to explore, you may be wondering How To Ombre Hair DIY.

Here is a video of UNice hair’s customer made to guide us How To Ombre Hair DIY.

Today I want to be showing you how I got this beautiful ombre color of my units Peruvian hair,body waves hair that I have with a frontal that I absolutely love all the information for the hair will be down in the description box,so definitely go check it out if you're interested in purchasing this awesome hair.

I'm signing off by mixing my breach with 40 volume developer and i'm going to mix it in a mixing bowl and i do not have on gloves which I later found out that was a big mistake so later on you see me have on gloves, and I'm not measuring anything at all I'm just mixing it till it's a nice consistency and what it looks about..

Right so as you see here I have already made it into a wig and I decide otherwise a minute that I wanted to color it so make an internal, we made it a lot harder for me to write judge where to put the color.but it's turned out okay it would have been a lot better if I had to just done it straight from the bundles, but I learned from it and it was a lot of trial and error so here you just see me placing the color at the ends where I want the bone needs to be a lot lighter, because I'm going for an ombre look now you see me flipping it over, so I can evenly distribute the bleach on the back of the virgin waves.

After I make sure I put the color where I wanted it I made sure to let it sit for about 10 to 15 minutes, so it can come out lighter than the rest of the hair so I came back to at about 15 minutes later and you can see that as already blowing and now i'm going to go above that and put the bleach on there and with that being set you see that the hair still has the bleach on it at the bottom, so it's going to continue getting brighter than the rest of the hair.

So now I'm going to let that sit for another 10 to 15 minutes and then I'm going to come back to it and wash it out, so now I'm just washing it with some can to shampoo then I'm going to condition the hair with argan oil of Morocco's condition.

So this is the next day and this is what it came out to look like and I did not like it at all because it was not as like as I wanted it to be so I went and did it again and this time. I went higher on the hair because I wanted to have more color in the hair while you just see me doing the same step over Asia this time.

I decided to use a purple shampoo to get the brassiness out and I think that's another reason why did not like it because I had an orange tone to it and that's not what I was going for, so i went in and i use my purple shampoo this time to shampoo it out and then I watched it and condition it the same way I did the last time and after those steps that came out perfectly how I wanted it to.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video. I hope it helped you out some if you like this video. Dear,if you are interested in human hair,welcome to Unice official store,join Spring sale. Use coupon code spring5 get 5 dollars off over 120 dollars,and spring8 get 8 dollars off over 180 dollars.

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