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Some Invaluable Tips to Remember When Caring of Your Hair Bundles This Summer

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

When it comes to summer, you may wait for spending a leisure vacation on the beach with your friends or family. At the same time, your hair bundles also are welcomed and beloved just like the summer. Do you want to take good care of your hair bundles and reduce the risk of damaging them? Now, it is the perfect time to learn how to care for your human hair bundles. And you will find some invaluable tips to remember when caring for your hair bundles this summer in the following.

Swim With Your Hair bundles


As is well-known, the hair will be getting fragile when it is wet. However, the pool and ocean are inevitable for us in summer. Therefore, you need to take many measures to protect your hair bundles.

1.In order to keep your human hair bundles away from tangles and knots, you can design your hair in a low bun, braid, or put on a wig cap. But we don’t advise you to style a ponytail that can make too much pressure on your head.

2. Before entering the pool or ocean, you can soak your hair bundles into fresh water so as to reduce the absorbability of saltwater and the damage to hair bundles.

3. Don’t let the hair bundles soak in the water for a long time, which will influence the life span of the hair bundles. As soon as you get out of the water, rush to pat dry the root of hair bundles, especially the bond area, and let other parts of hair air dry. At the same time, spray some conditioners on it to protect your hair and rinse it very well with clean water.

Use A Wide-Toothed Brush To Comb Hair


For summer, it is very essential to brush your hair bundles to avoid any tangles and knots. Besides, remember to use a special brush that is designed especially for the best hair bundles or your fingers to comb the hair as gently as you can. And it is worth noting that if you rudely comb your hair or the hair is wet, it easily causes shedding. Besides, you must carefully remove the tangles and knots of the end hair no matter what brush you use.

Wash The Hair Weaves


If you don’t wash your hair weaves for long times, your hair weaves will get messy and smell bad because of the sweat and oil, especially in hot summer. To avoid this case, we will give you some detailed tutorials about how to wash your hair bundles step by step.

The things you need to prepare before washing the hair bundles

1.a wide-toothed brush

2.shampoo and conditioner


How to wash the hair bundles properly

1.Before washing the hair weaves, you had better brush your hair with a wide-toothed comb as gently as possible and prepare a basin of warm water or cold water in advance. Though cold water can help keep hair moisturized and healthy, it is better to use warm water as possible as you can. That is because warm water can open up the cuticle and every prone to remove the dirt and grease of the hair and scalp.

2.Soak the hair bundles into the water, add some shampoo into the water, and then rub the hair bundles gently by using your fingers for a few minutes. Remember not to rudely rub the hair bundles.

3.Rinse it with clean water and soak it into the water with the high-quality conditioner again for minutes. In the end, wash hair bundles with clean water another time.

4.Use a towel to absorb the excess water of the hair bundles and place it air dry. At that moment, you must clean your hair bundles at least every 10 days, every week, or more frequently. If you have curly hair bundles, like body wave bundles, loose wave bundles, and so on, you need to wash them at least once a week.

Daily Care Of Hair Bundles

1.Use curling irons, flat irons these heat styling tools as little as possible. Though you can treat your hair bundles as your natural hair, using heat styling tools too frequently will damage your hair bundles and make your hair look less shiny. If you want to get curly hair, it is a good way to braid your hair bundles.

2.Try to use hair products as little as possible, such as oil, some spray, and so on.

3.Store hair bundles in a cool and dry place and away from the direct sunlight. Furthermore, you must sure the hair bundles are dry completely before storing them to avoid the development of mold and other bacteria. If you can use a hanger to hang hair bundles, it can perfectly maintain the shape of hair bundles.

Where to buy the best hair bundles?

Summer is coming and the weather is hotter and hotter. Are you ready for affordable hair weaves? Here we find and single out some best-reviewed products that are praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers for you.


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These Brazilian straight hair bundles have 8-30 inch for you to opt for, and can give you the most natural look. Besides, they are very silky, fluffy, fashion and easy to install by yourself. With these, you even can easily change your hairstyles whenever you want.


If you are tired of the natural black hair color and want to challenge a bold hair color, it is a great option for you to show your personality. And the 99J hair color also is the popular and trendy hair color in 2021, and can supplement almost every skin tone. Go for it!

If you are more interested in human hair wigs, UNice also provides high-quality human hair wigs with all kinds of length, color, and types, for example, lace front wigs, headband wigs, U part wigs, and so on.

Do you remember how to care for your hair bundles this summer? Now take action to care for your hair bundles, let them look better, and prolong their life span.

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