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Hair Color Trends That We Expect To See In 2024

Last updated Feb 28, 2024

2023 is coming to an end with the excitement of the new page, and maybe disappointment of without trying new things. But, hey, 2024 is here, so give it a try.

If you are one of the people who love switching your hair colors and experiencing trendy coloring ideas on hair, these hair colors we think might be a perfect hair color inspiration in 2024 and deserve your attention. We have seen many hair colors in 2023 take over TikTok, and Instagram. In 2024, some hair colors still have the big potential to have their places, whether with easy maintenance like money piece hair, or edgy color contrast like skunk stripe hair.

Just a heads up, most hair colors are highlights, Balayage hair color ideas, and two-toned hair trends. But if you are not a fan of multi-colored hair, we also have some classic and prudent colors for your salon trip in the fresh new year.

More people avoid getting edgy colors in the pandemic years since going to a salon trip frequently is considered not convenient and costly for maintaining colored hair, so some more prudent hair colors are people's new favorites, such as brown hair, auburn hair, most the darker colors. With highlights or a little balayage technique, the classic brown hair color can set the hair color trends for 2024. Here are some brown hair color ideas.

Expensive Brunette

Hailey Bieber Expensive Brunette

Hailey Bieber

Expensive brunette is taking over the Internet, and you can see some trendsetters already tried and slayed this multiple shades of brown colors.

Light Brown Hair

Ciara Light Brown Hair


Light Brown Highlights

Beyoncé Light Brown Highlights


Rich Brown

Zendaya Rich Brown


As a chameleon for hairstyles and hair colors, Zanedaya always rocks many stunning hair dyes.

Dark Brown Balayage

Beyoncé Dark Brown Balayage


The combination of brown colors looks fab with this Balayage look.

Brown Hair With Blonde Money Piece

Kylie Jenner Brown Hair With Blonde Money Piece

Kylie Jenner

This low maintenance highlight was a hit years ago. And this money piece look is predicted to stay hot.

Expensive Blonde

Blonde is such a versatile color, it can be created into dimension looks blending perfectly with many haircuts. From totally blonde color to combined with other colors. Blonde hair will be on the hot list in 2024 for hair color trends.

Jessica Alba Expensive Blonde

Jessica Alba

Two-Tone Hair colors Ideas

TikTok and Instagram are flooded with two-toned hair trends. E-girls, or Z-girls like trying bold and creative things when it comes to hair colors. Because of COVID-19, homemade color ideas can easily go viral through social media, and people seem to embrace these edgy and innovative looks. The two-tone hair color focuses on creating a contrast with light and dark shades, you can go with a body wave or curly hair to make the whole look more dimensional and natural.

Money piece hair, skunk stripes, and peek a boo hair give us a lot of hair color inspo ideas, most of them are fun and don't have to commit some difficult dyes and maintenance, so these hair colors can be the best choice to DIY at home.

Money Piece Hair

Beyoncé Money Piece Hair


Skunk Stripe Hair

Kehlani Skunk Stripe Hair


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