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Unice Human Hair-A Natural Extension of U


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Anti-Counterfeit Announcement


Unice Human Hair-A Natural Extension of U

Anti-Counterfeit Announcement

U·Nice as a leading human hair brand, is getting more and more popular. And we're very thankful for the continuous support from all of U·Nice customers.

However, there are some fake sites with counterfeit U·Nice trademark or someone that pretended U·Nice employees asking people's credit card information recently. We are very concerned about customers safety of privacy and property. Hereby, we come out to clarify:

1. The only official website is

2. Our products are only available on our official website, in California & New York outlet store as well as official shop on Amazon and aliexpress. No other sites or shops have been authorized to sell U·Nice products.

3. U·Nice official website contact channels are

Email: or

Tel: +1 (626) 782-4321 Whatsapp: +8617639072910

Facebook: @UNiceMall

Instagram: unicehair

Youtube: UNice

Please confirm the information carefully before purchase. U·Nice hereby wish all dear customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

Dec.11th, 2020

U·Nice Hair





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2.How do you think if "dream hair for all" to be UNice's slogan? (Single option)

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4.What do hair stylists do usually? (at most 8 options)

5.Is being served by a stylist a high end experience? (Single option)

6.How do you think if "your everyday magic hairstylist" to be UNice's slogan? (Single option)

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