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Happy Easter Sale

Happy Easter Sale

Easter, anniversary of the Resurrection of Christ, observed on the first Sunday after a full moon.

UNice has sales for you guys!!!

Up to $8 Off From March 26th -28th

1. Use code “Easter5” to get $5 off if order over $120

2. Use code “Easter8” to get $8 off if order over $200

Big Sales For Easter Day, Be Prepare Be Beautiful On Easter Day

UNice New Arrival Sale

UNice New Arrival

8A Grade Remy hair , best hair in the current market!!!

Better hair quality, more guarantee. What are you  waiting for?

UNice New arrival sale for you

Sale Time: March 7th to March 14th! 

Use code "UN5" to Get 5% off for your order

Quality: Best Hair In The Current Hair Market! 

Guarantee: You can return the hair within 30 days for exchange or refund.

Service: 24 Hours Online Customer Service

New Hair, New Look, New Life!

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day the most romantic day in the whole year.

Do you want to have a most memorable day this year? Do you want to be prettier with you Mr Right in 2018?

If you already find Mr Right, Great. Be pretty and have fun with him. If you still working on it, then be more beautiful to find the perfect one soon.

UNice Mall Valentine's Big Sales Going On For You From Feb 6th-14th

  1. Use code “ Love U5”  Get $5 off over $5.1
  2. Use code “ Love U10”  Get $10 off over $160
  3. Use code “ Love U14”  Get $14 off over $220

Wear UNice Hair, Be unique in the most romantic day.

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