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UNice Hair Wig Model Invitation

UNice Hair Wig Model Invitation

Dear Customer,

We are looking forward to UNice Wig Model.If you purchsed UNice wig ,pls send us some pics of you install UNice wig,we will post it on our website,and you will have chance to get free wig and become UNice wig model!If you love UNice wig ,pls send the pics now. If you think you are beautiful,pls send pic now!!! We are waiting!

Grand Celebration

Grand Celebration----Up to 20% Discount

Double Discount,Date:8.28-9.02

The Grand opening of UNice’s first Physical Retail store

First Discount----“Enjoy 4% discount” Date 8.28-9.02

Second Discount----“Up to 20% Off” Date 9.01-9.02

The biggest Discount in history,Don’t Miss

Welcome Back To School

Welcome Back To School!

Date: 2nd August-8th August 

Up To $16 OFF

Over $99 “Use code Back4” Get $4 off

Over $199 “Use code Back10” Get $10 off

Over $299 “Use code Back16” Get $16 off

Rock Your New School life With UNice!

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