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House of Bundles

House of Bundles Hair Review

House of bundles reviews allows you to find helpful hair review. This provides you more information about price,shiping,quality and others of UNice house of bundles hair.

View customer reviews of The House of Bundles, UNice helps you to buy best UNice house of bundles.

House of Bundles Hair Reviews

My first time buying hair online and I've been looking for good Body wave hair I must say I LOVE UNice house of bundles wig ! plus fast delivery and free eyelashes! I will be ordering again.

Love the hair. I have ordered from this house of bundles company several times. House of bundles hair is soft with hardly any shedding. Shipping was fast. I am very satisfied with the services and I will continue to order from this product.

I have installed the house of bundles hair weave for a few days, the hair looks and feels good . it has a flatiron smell but it's gonna have that smell anyway lol . it seems to be true to length also.

The extensions have come to me very quickly, the house of bundles customer service has been very nice to me has helped me in everything. In less than 5 days i had the order at home. Right now i don't have the images, but the hair is in perfect condition, very good quality and very soft touch. 


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