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How To Get Perfect Wigs With Bangs By Cutting Bangs On Wigs

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Ever wanted to change your long-wearing wig into a new hairstyle? You can make your wig curly or straight with heat treatments, but it will make your wig become drier. In this blog, let's take a look at how to cut bangs on wigs to get perfect wigs with bangs.

1. Tutorial to cut perfect wigs with bangs

Step 1 Choose the right tool

Choosing the right tool is the first step to getting the perfect wigs with bangs on wigs. First of all, you need to have a good pair of scissors, preferably scissors that are designed for cutting bangs to avoid poor results during the hair-cutting process because the scissors are not sharp and do not work well.

In addition to scissors, you also need to prepare a spray water bottle, wig, fine tooth comb, and hair clip. Even if you are not a professional hairstylist, using higher-quality tools will make a big difference in your style.

Step 2 Comb the wig

Considering that the wig you need to cut has been worn for a long time, you need to clean the wig before cutting the bangs and tidy it up to avoid tangles or frizz. After blow-drying the wig, use the hot comb to comb the hair seam part to make it more flattering. Brush out a section of hair from the side to the forehead and use the hot comb to make this section straighter and more flattering, making sure they are in the right place. We need to use this part of the hair to make wigs with bangs, if your wig has a lace edge, you need to cut off the lace with a brow trimmer.

Step 3 Part hair

You can choose to wear the wig on your head and then cut it or you can choose to place the wig on a wig stand. Use a fine tooth comb to separate the hair for the bangs, using the top of the head and ears as a dividing line to separate the same amount of hair on the left and right sides.

Step 4 Trim the shortest part of the bangs

Wigs with bangs look more layered, so let's start by trimming the shortest part of the bangs. Hold the hair with your fingers and take out the scissors and start trimming at the bridge of the nose. Although it looks long now, it will look short when we curl it up with a curling iron.

Step 5 Trim the bangs on both sides

After finishing the shortest bangs in the middle, start trimming the bangs on the sides. Comb the left side of the bangs forward and use scissors to cut the bangs diagonally in a 45° direction. Such a diagonal cut will allow your wigs with bangs to create a very nice gradient effect on the sides and also make the bangs look fuller, which of course will fit your face shape better. If you like Nicky Minaj like bangs, this is the best way to cut them for you. The bangs on the right side are also built in the same way.

Step 6 Styling

If you feel that your wig with bangs is not perfect after the above 5 steps, you can take out a brow trimmer to trim your bangs on both sides. This will help you make some corrections and make your bangs look less abrupt. Once the correction is done, take out your straightener, straighten your bangs and create a little curl at the ends of your hair.

Above we have achieved the purpose of trimming bangs on wigs step by step, the whole process is not difficult, but it does require some skills and experience. If you have enough time and energy, try it at home, just 6 steps will help you get wigs with bangs, a brand new wig. But if you are worried about your trim is not good enough to try, I have a more direct and easy way. You don't need to do it yourself to change the look and get brand-new wigs with bangs!

2. A great way to get the wigs with bangs quickly: clip-in bangs

2.1 What are clip in bangs?

Clip-in bangs are removable bangs at any time, you can get bangs without cutting your hair or wig short. It only takes a few seconds to clip bangs to the front of your forehead for a perfect look.

2.2 Why choose clip in bangs?

●Bangs need to be styled every day: If you trim your bangs on your native hair, you will find that they get messy very easily after you wake up and you have to spend a lot of time dealing with them.

●Bangs tend to become greasy: When in contact with the air, the water molecules in the air plus the secretion of oil from the sweat glands on your forehead mix to make your bangs very greasy. Many girls with bangs often choose to wash their bangs once a day or wash them several times.

●Bangs grow fast: Within half a month your bangs will grow longer and longer, covering your eyes so you have to go to the hairdresser to get your bangs trimmed.

Clip In Bangs Can Solve All Your Worries.

●Clip-in bangs are convenient: you only need to trim the clip-in bangs to the length you need the first time you wear them, and every time you wear them afterward, you don't need to trim them. You don't have to worry about your hair growing longer, just clip the clip in bangs to your hair, comb your bangs and go out.

●Clip in bangs no maintenance: No need to wash your bangs again and again, with clip in bangs no maintenance is needed. Just put it in the bag with clip in bangs after you wear it, and wash it with water after wearing it for a while.

2.3 UNice Clip In Bangs Straight Extensions Human Hair

Buy Now Pay Later

Without the hassle of trimming wigs with bangs, UNice clip in bangs is designed in the most aesthetically pleasing way so that you can easily change your look without much effort. Made from 100% real hair, UNice clip in bangs will not make you wake up with messy bangs, instead, are as soft and flattering as real hair. Say goodbye to boring hairstyles, clip in bangs give you a new hairstyle instantly and make you feel the charm of wigs with bangs. This clip in bang is currently on sale for just $29, just take it home!

3. Conclusion

In this article, we learned how to cut bangs on wigs to get perfect wigs with bangs, and for girls who don't want to cut their bangs, they can choose clip in bangs which is convenient and quick.

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