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UNice Curly Hair Diary: How To Detangle Matted Hair?

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Matted hair is a crowd of tangled hair strands and it looks bad and has damage to natural hair.

Compared to matted hair, detangling hair is pretty normal for owners of textured hair. And for most wise curly hair lovers, would take detangling as one crucial part of the hair care routine.

How To Detangle Matted Hair

Dealing with the matted hair by only combing the hair is not encouraged. Because of the friction and knots, detangling roughly will cause hair loss and a bigger mess. So giving your hair a full and regular hair care matters.

Why My Hair Matted?

Textured hair, such as curly hair and kinky curly hair is known to be tangled. Unlike bone straight hair, curly hair needs more moisture and a hair care routine, especially for curls.

Why My Hair Matted

Neglect of hair cair can also contribute to hair matted. Such as not brushing your hair regularly and lack of cleansing and conditioning. As a result of poorly cared hair, the dirt, oil, or build-ups from hair products can cause hair tangled.

How to detangle matted hair?

1. Use fingers to run through your hair gently and detangle the hair, and you can apply some oils, such as coconut oil, olive oil to moisturize the hair to make the process smoother.

2. Allow your hair to moisturize with conditioner while washing from up areas to the end. This can help naturally detangle your hair with water and conditioner.

3. Use the detangling brush to detangle the natural hair when it's still moistured. Instead of a small-tooth brush, we suggest using a wide-tooth brush to avoid hair breakage and damage.

4. Apply hair detangler. Gently apply the cream vertically instead of rubbing it harshly into your hair.

5. Grab some sections of your hair and start detangling. Begin at the ends and then patiently work your way up to the end. And then apply a leave-in conditioner for keeping the hair hydrated.

How To Prevent Your Hair From Tangling And Matting?

Instead of focusing on how to get knots out of hair, pay more attention to prevent your hair from matting.

1. Regular comb your hair to detangle. It's the best way to avoid matted hair with less energy.

2. Wash your hair regularly. Wash the dirt, sweat, or residuals out of your hair. It helps your hair stay clean and healthy. And apply conditioner to nourish your hair.

3. Give your hair a deep treatment. Like we mentioned above, curly hair can be dried easily, especially in winter. You can use coconut oil, argan oil to keep your hair strands hydrated.

4. Avoid frizziness while sleeping. You can change your cotton pillowcase to silk materials. Friction between hair and pillow can worsen the situation of hair tangling.

If you are one of the wig wearers, you can choose those wigs that can be installed and removed easily so that you can go for hair treatment with less mess.


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