Maybe every girl is familiar with the use of eyeliner. It became a familiar habit of girls. But not everyone knows how to use eyeliner with the waterline. This is a pretty hard way to do it. But it makes your eyes look more beautiful. So, what is the effective way to apply eyeliner for waterline? let's find out

How to put eyeliner on the waterline

First, you must note, you must wash your face before makeup. And you have to remove the makeup at the end of the day. It will keep your skin healthy. It avoids the condition you encounter acne because of makeup.

  1. 1. Use a concealer for your eye. Use a little concealer for the area under the eyes. It will help the eyeliner doesn't spread.
  1. 2. Next, you need to dry your waterlines. Take the cotton, gently penetrate the area under the eyelids. If your waterline is dry, the eyeliner will stay longer. With this step, you need to be very careful. You have to be gentle and avoid eye damage. If you do not do it carefully, tears will flow.
  1. 3. Notice how you look in the mirror. To easily put an eyeliner on the waterline, stand in front of the mirror, looking straight, but your head is slightly bent. Try to look straight ahead, do not look anywhere else when doing this step. Take your finger, gently pull down the eyelid. Or if you see: when you squint, you can easily do this step. Let's do it.
  1. 4. Use the eyeliner, draw a line at the waterline. You can do anything to feel comfortable without making your eyes watery: use a sweeping motion, or a dot afterward. Your hand has still stretched the skin to make this step easier. Do not use liquid eyeliner for water waterline.
  1. 5. Next, clean up. Use cotton and makeup remover for this step. Apply the cotton in cleasing milk. Apply gently under the waterline. It has two effects: If you paint the eyes on the waterline too dark, It will help you thin the eyeliner. If you have stains caused by eyeliner, it will help you clean up. If you want sharper, you can use the smudging tool.
  1. 6. Use eye powder. You can use eye powder to help keep the eyeliner on the waterline longer. Take an eye brush, apply it gently to the waterline. If you want the eyeliner more clear, you can take the above steps again.


Some tips to apply eyeliner for waterline are more effective.

If you have used the above and do not see the effect. You can use some tips below.

  • ● For small eyes: Use eyeliner, which is khaki or brown.
  • ● For wide-set eyes: Fill the entire waterline, from the corner of your nose to the tip of your eye.
  • ● Close-set eyes: Use the eyeliner in the middle and outer corner of your eyes.

Select eyeliner. You are familiar with the eyeliner, please use that kind with the waterline. However, because you stimulate the waterline, a position that makes you teary easy. So, with any eyeliner, you need to do it gently.

Remember, you should not use liquid eyeliner. It will be very difficult for you to use the eyeliner at the waterline. In particular, it also makes the eyeliner cannot stay long.

Although you can use all the colors, you should use black for the waterline. It will easily highlight the eyeliner on your waterline.

Only use eyeliner once for the waterline. If you apply this too many times, just because you want the eyeliner on the waterline darker. You must avoid touching the waterline too. Because It will hurt your eyes.

You should use an eyeliner pencil. The reason is very simple because it is dry. It will not put bacteria in your eyes. It helps you avoid eye infections. Eyes are sensitive. So, for whatever purpose, you still have to guard it carefully. Example: Use a good eyeliner for your waterline. You need to make sure everything you use to make up your eyes is clean.

Use mascara. It will help you highlight the eyes and also the eyeliner on the waterline

If you have watery eyes, you can use the following:

  • ● Use paper towels. My experience over the years shows that the best thing you can do is wrap a tissue around your finger so you can gently tap the tears before they gush out.
  • ● Tips for breathing: You can also try a breathing technique to keep your tears from dripping out. Whenever you feel the tears are about to flow, try the following breathing technique. You breathe deeply into your nose, and in this way you will "swallow" your tears inward, preventing them from escaping. It's a bit hard, but it's gradual and you'll be able to do it.
  • ● Tips to use a toothpick: This is the most interesting secret that we have learned from the women across the ocean. When I was in the Middle East, Arab girls showed me a little trick. Get a toothpick and pin it to your ear. It's a bit painful but in some way, your tears will not come out. I have never tried this but it is true that the Middle East girls do it every day.


Applying eyeliner for waterline is not easy. And how to apply eyeliner for waterline effectively is also very important. Hopefully, with this article, you can have ways to have a great eye makeup.